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Dev Tracker Summary: August 31st, 2012

Hello and welcome to this week’s Dev Tracker Summary! In this blog we have collected all of the most important developer responses from our forums along with highlights from around The Old Republic™.

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From The Developer Tracker

Optimization Needs To Happen ASAP One of our Gameplay Programmers, Matt Boudreaux, stops in to a thread to talk about server and client optimization.

Cash Shop Purchases: Account Wide or Single Character Only? Damion Schubert answers a question on many players’ minds: will purchases from the Cartel Market be account-wide or limited to a single character?

When is Someone Going to Ask the Number 1 Questions PvPers Want to Know? Senior Community Coordinator Allison Berryman answers quite a few of the common questions that our PvPers ask.

[Music] Constant Music Option / Loop Please Allison relays a message from Todd Davies, our Audio Director, about music looping in-game.

Codex vs Achievement System Allison answers questions regarding issues with Codex entries.

Endgame Loot Musings Allison talks with Jason Attard, Senior Game Balance Designer, about how stats are allocated on our end game modifications.

Any Recent News on Dueling in Non-dueling Areas? Allison talks with Jesse Sky and Damion Schubert about dueling in what are currently non-dueling areas.

Question Regarding HK-51 and Crewskill Allison relays a message from Jason Attard about how HK-51 will affect Crew Skills deployment.

Developer Update – Terror From Beyond Allison talks with Jesse Sky to answer a question about what the gear requirements will be for Story Mode Terror From Beyond.

Bring Back White Crystals Allison relays an answer from Jason Attard to the question, “Do we intend to ever bring back the white lightsaber crystal?”

News and Official Blogs

Developer Update – Terror From Beyond. Lead Flashpoint and Operations Designer Jesse Sky gives us some insight into the design behind our newest Operation: Terror From Beyond (coming in Game Update 1.4).


We hope you found this round-up useful in keeping up with all of the great things happening around The Old Republic. Thanks for reading!