Boarding Party

Mid Game, Empire Only

Centuries ago, a powerful Jedi Master stood against the Sith Emperor. Although the Jedi was defeated, the Sith Emperor chose to spare his life and instead placed him in stasis. For the next three hundred years, the Emperor probed the Jedi’s mind, learning of the existence of a powerful space station. But the Jedi was powerful, and resisted the Emperor’s repeated attempts to learn its location. After three centuries, the Jedi escapes from his stasis.

He has, but the Jedi is not alone; a Republic fleet has formed a blockade around the station, and a direct Imperial assault would be result in catastrophic losses. Rather than sacrificing a sizable portion of their fleet, the Empire sets in motion a plan to capture a Republic cruiser and sneak a small team of the Empire’s most elite warriors behind the Republic fleet and claim the station for the Empire.

Boarding Party is available to Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 33.