Mid Game, Shared

Cademimu is in chaos. Under investigation by the Republic for numerous crimes against his people, the planetary Governor, Choranov, has declared the planet’s independence from the Republic and imposed martial law. Now Choranov has unleashed his private army to quell the civilian uprising. Even worse, the Governor’s army has taken control of a powerful Republic missile array, leaving the Celanon Spur trade route completely defenseless!

With this vital trade route left defenseless, the Republic scrambles to assemble a strike team to head to Cademimu and retake the missile array. But they are not alone; the Empire sees the Cademimu uprising as a rare opportunity to expand their power. While the Republic hopes to reestablish control of their world, the Empire dispatches a team of their own to capture the missile stockpile and both Cademimu and the Celanon Spur under Imperial control.

Cademimu is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 29.