Directive 7

Late Game, Shared

A faction of renegade droids calling themselves 'Directive 7' has rebelled against their creators, and has begun a campaign of extermination against all biological life in the galaxy. The rebellion seems to be spreading, with several Republic colonies and a fleet of Imperial ships having already been decimated by the droids. But not everyone in Directive 7 agrees.

An anonymous traitor has leaked information on Directive 7 to both the Republic and Imperial militaries. This information outlines their ultimate objective: to transmit a powerful signal across the galaxy, turning every droid in known space to their cause. Now the Republic and the Empire each assemble teams to head to Directive 7's headquarters on the small moon of Zadd, where they must bring down the organization and prevent the signal from being transmitted.

'Directive 7' is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 48.