Colicoid War Game

Late Game, Shared

The Colicoids are an insectoid species that specialize in the development and sale of weapons and technology. Throughout the war, the Colicoids have sold their wares to both sides, but now they wish to align themselves with one faction. To see which side is more deserving of their business, the Colicoids have constructed an advanced war game on a remote asteroid located somewhere in the Outer Rim.

To gain the favor of the Colicoids and deny the enemy of valuable weaponry, both the Republic and the Empire have agreed to take part in the war game. Now both factions must send their most elite warriors to the asteroid, where they will battle against both the many traps that have been laid, and the Colicoids themselves.

The Colicoid War Game is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 41.