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Dev Tracker Summary: March 14th, 2012 – March 20th 2012

Each week, we collect the most important developer responses from our Dev Tracker and put them together in this handy summary for your convenience! Let’s take a look at this week’s important developer posts – and don’t forget to check out our News and Community Blog!

The forums have been abuzz since the Guild Summit with excitement for the future of the game and especially for Game Update 1.2: Legacy. On Friday (March 16th), Game Update 1.2 became available on the Public Test Server. The patch notes for 1.2 have generated lots of discussion, and our developers have stepped in to clarify and provide more information.

Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller posted up a storm! What information did he have to share this week?

  • No changes have been made to commendation drops! We hope anyone having a run of bad luck will find more soon!
  • He posted a thank-you to a Sage Seer player from the Public Test Server who took the time to provide helpful feedback (and information about what kind of posts are most helpful to our developers, who read the forums for feedback).
  • "The white crystal", though it won’t be available in-game during 1.2, could very well become available again (though obtaining it won’t be as simple as handing credits over to a vendor).
  • We’re looking for feedback on improvements to the 1.2 Combat Log data stream – for those of you creating parsers, let Georg know what you want from the file!

Systems Designer David Hunt let players know that many new Crafting schematics in 1.2 (on PTS) are available only via reverse engineering. He also reassured us that customizations to gear made pre-1.2 will be retained, and let everyone know that in 1.2 and beyond, you’ll be able to move new endgame gear set bonuses by removing the armoring mod. However, this change won’t be applied to older endgame items, just to those new in 1.2 and beyond.

Combat Designer Cameron Winston posted in the PTS forums to clarify where the new 1.2 Voss World Boss can be found, and let us know that the new Operation does not require players to run daily missions or obtain special items for entry.

Sr. Online Community Manager Stephen Reid posted to let everyone know that every class is important, and that we take quite a bit of feedback from the forums and other sources into account when making changes to the game. Class balance is a topic everyone is very passionate about, and we don’t take those changes lightly!

Sr. Community Coordinator Allison Berryman posted an important security reminder – please remember to never use your SWTOR login credentials anywhere but in the game launcher and the official site,!

Live Community Coordinator Amber Green made sure the patch notes for Game Update 1.2 were posted! If you haven’t checked out the big changes coming, prepare for a lengthy (and informative) read.

Assistant Community Production Coordinator Courtney Woods is busy as always, letting us know when Game Update 1.2 became available on the Public Test Server, and also to point us to the new blog by Charles Boyd about Story in 1.2!