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Dev Tracker Summary: September 14th, 2012

Hello and welcome to this week’s Dev Tracker Summary! In this blog we have collected all of the most important developer responses from our forums along with highlights from around The Old Republic™.

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From The Developer Tracker

PTS Game Update 1.4 Patch Notes [UPDATED] Live Community Specialist Amber Green posted the Game Update 1.4 PTS Patch Notes, Known Issues, and Update.

Updates at six week intervals per Bioware Principal Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert passes on a message of reassurance about the role of story in the game.

does 1.4 have Terror From Beyond in group finder? Lead Operations & Flashpoint Designer Jesse Sky discusses Explosive Conflict and Terror From Beyond and why they're not in the Group Finder.

Why is Accuracy Back on Tank Armor? Senior Game Balance Designer Jason Attard talks about new gear and why accuracy is useful for tanks.


News and Official Blogs

High Population Server Tech Testing Here we announce a new public test server where we ask players to help us test out our new high population server technology.

Game Update 1.4: Terror From Beyond is on Public Test Server! This article marks the start of public testing on Game Update 1.4: Terror From Beyond.

Developer Update – Terror from Beyond In this article, Jesse details what players can expect from our newest Operation: Terror From Beyond.

We hope you found this round-up useful in keeping up with all of the great things happening around The Old Republic. Thanks for reading!