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Community Round-Up: Forums and Events June 20th, 2012

Hello everyone,

We’re back for this week’s Round-Up. Every week, we highlight some of the most interesting discussions in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community. Most of these discussions originate from our forums, but we will also be looking at what people are saying about The Old Republic on other sites whenever we can.

We have also added a new section to this blog highlighting some player-created events happening on certain servers in The Old Republic. If you have an event occurring next week, please feel free to let us know in the nomination thread so that we can highlight it in next week’s round up.

Please feel free to nominate any discussions for next week’s Round-Up in this thread.

Let’s begin!

Cel Cawdro's Ultimate "Community Desire for Species" Poll: Which species would you like to see playable in Star Wars: The Old Republic? CelCawdro has put together this poll for the community. Some of your answers included:

  • Stashar: “1. Togruta 2. Voss 3. Selonian”
  • Vindigore: “1. Jawa 2. Droid 3. Voss”

What is your dream R-WZ Team Composition?: Origin poster, ATango, asks the community what their dream ranked warzone team composition would be. Some of your answers included:

  • Khoraji: “It all depends on who is behind the character and their skill level + what map it is..but in general I would take 2 healers, 1 true tank, 5 DPS.”
  • Pekish: “I would make a team based on 2-3-3

    scouldrel(H)+shadow (team S)

    Commando(H)+Vanguard+Gunslinger (team A)

    Sage(H)+Mara+Guardian (team F)

    I like to divide them by force user and army and have a mixed team of invisible
    then you will work team S+A or F+A depending from situation.”

Most satisfying pvp kills: Continuing on the topic of PvP, origin poster, lord-durpp, recounts one of his favorite PvP kills and asks the community to share some of their own experiences:

  • Ceelaniri: “On my vanguard, poping hold the line next the bridge in Voidstar and waiting for a PT to pull me off. Watch his grip fail and then pull him. Pretty fun.”
  • SlimsPicken: “leg shotting the ballcarrier 1 meter from the goal line, then loading up a kill shot while they are rooted helplessly.”

Favorite trooper companion?: Newyankalt asks other Troopers who’s their favorite companion?

  • MAgson: “On my CM Commando, I love me some M1-4X goodness. On my Shield Specialist Vanguard, it's Elara Dorne all the way.”
  • Kaigen: “I'm a big fan of Yuun for the different perspective he brings. I need to farm up some more Columi for him to gear him out as well as Aric and see who brings the better dps.”

Companion Karaoke Night!: A fun thread about what songs your companions would sing at karaoke:

  • Crezelle: “kaliyo- like a virgin”
  • Iamthehoyden: “Aric would be one of those ones who will NOT BE BUDGED from his seat at the bar....until he has a good bit of whiskey in him, and then I'm going with something in the classic rock vein...Born to be Wild...and he'd suck totally lol.”

Server Events

Get to know your server community by participating in player held events. Here are some happening this week! Be sure to check out the Server Forums to find other events happening on your server.

Thanks for all of the great discussions this week! There are many other interesting conversations happening in the forums that are not on this list so be sure to look around. And don’t forget to nominate some of your favorite threads and events for next week’s round up by posting in this thread.