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The Weekly Forum Thread Round-Up: May 17th, 2012

Every week, we’re going to be highlighting some of the best discussions going on in our forums about Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Most of these conversations will originate from our forums, but we will also highlight any interesting discussions that are happening on other sites whenever we can.

Feel free to nominate any discussions for next week in the forum thread for this blog.

Let’s get started.

This week, we have a lot of interesting threads in our forums that you can easily contribute your opinions to, including:

What secret areas have you found in the game?: Original poster, sarbonn, enjoys exploring and finding hidden security chests and wants to know what other players have found.

  • Realded: “I personally love the lore objects. They don't give me any real reward besides a small amount of xp, but it's always fun learning about the world, especially in such an established and beloved license as this one. “
  • Penguinman: “There's a secret area in the museum on the Ziost Shadow.”

Cataloging high res orange armor looks, a new Dulfy guide: Check out Dulfy’s latest project—a high resolution catalog of orange armor. It’s very nifty indeed and the community appreciates it:

  • Vonb: “Fantastic! Great initiative, thanks for doing this!”
  • Banecolton: “This is the kind of thing this community needs more of.”

What Legacy Name did you choose? Proudly post yours here!: So what did you end up choosing? “Stormbreaker”? “Fantastic”? “Brony”…uhh…

  • etempco: “The Brony Legacy, awwww yeah.”
  • Elbrop: “Despair. Which for my Sith made sense (Lord Phobia Despair, very Sith I thought). So I was scratching my head when I decided to create a republic alt, till I came up with my trooper, Sergeant Never Despair. I decided it was her nickname, an overly optimistic and loyal member of the Republic armed forces.”

Which class has (in your opinion) overall the best and which the worst companions?: Path-x, the original poster seems to think that the Sith Warrior has the best companions, while the Imperial Agent has the worst. Your thoughts?

  • iamthehoyden: “I adore the trooper crew. They make sense as a team, and given that you're playing a non-Force user it makes sense that Havoc Squad as a whole is a big part of why you win.”
  • bright_ephemera: “Worst: Smuggler, easily. I know we get Chewie (there is, after all, only one Wookiee in all of history) and I know we get a funny variant on Leia, but...the recruitments are forced and the individuals mostly vanilla.”

How are you liking 16-mans?: For the people who like to finish Operations, Qonor wants to know how your experience is going in 16-man Operations.  

  • RedPands: “Honestly I find 8 mans better because in a 16 man, I find there are just too many people.”
  • alifaraaz: “In SWTOR, I think 16m is probably more fun, there's usually more joking around etc. But that may be down to being in a very fun social guild.”

Best Crew Skills for gearing out alts?: The Legacy system encourages creating more than one character. To that end, Dabrixmgp wants to know what the best crew skills are for gearing out his alts. Chime in if you have any thoughts.

  • Dabrixmgp: “Went with cybertech. Already have every single earpiece for each level at purple quality that have useful aim, willpower, and cunning stats. Already have every armoring and mod also for aim, willpower, and cunning at blue level. Guess I’m alt ready.”
  • Sambril: “Armstech for barrels if you need them (maybe companions?). Also Synthweaving, Armormech and Armstech make augments and along with Artifice they make gear with augment slots.”

As always, there are many great discussions going on in our forums so be sure to explore. Nominate your favorites by posting in this forum thread.


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