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Community Round-Up: December 13th, 2012


It’s time for the Community Round-Up. Each week, we scour the forums, fan sites, and reddit, finding some of the most interesting discussions in the community as well as player-created events happening on certain servers in The Old Republic™.

If you have nominations for next week’s Round-Up, please post them in this thread. Please remember the Community Round-Up blog is meant to highlight interesting, productive discussions and server events - not the most talked about forum threads.

Let’s get started!


Server Events

Get to know the community on your server by participating in player-created events. Below are some occurring this week! Be sure to take a look at the Server Forums to find other events happening on your individual server.

  • [Begeren Colony] Life Day Celebration: “What do you say we all get together Dec. 20th & light our fireworks & tell stories about our favorite moments of SW:TOR. (Spoiler free, of course) & just celebrate the last year? I was hoping for some input as to where you think would be the most fitting. (Midnight to mark the celebration of the midnight release one year ago server time.)”
  • [Begeren Colony] Ranked PvP: “MONDAYS: Grim Determination and Ascension Strikes Back are queueing (competitive) ranked Monday, December 17, 7:30PM PST. Contact Melyn (Republic, ASB) or Approxy (Imperial, GD) for questions about what happens those nights. THURSDAYS: Casual ranked night. Urdnought (Black Sun Rising, Imperial) will be spearheading this one. Contact him for details (also his Republic character, Ismashyou (don't judge him)). The more people who come to this, the better, however, it is recommended that geared/competitive players not come to this one. Great for gearing up!”
  • [Begeren Colony] Empire Fleet Datacron 12/16: “Greetings Begeren Colony, Lassan here. I was interested in getting together a group to do the Empire Fleet +10 all datacron this Sunday, probably around 4PM server time.”
  • [Jung Ma] <Esoteric Order's> 3v3 Tournament: “<Esoteric Order> will be hosting its very own 3v3 Tournament. Almost exactly like the one Shimigami tried to hold. It will be at the Outlaw's Den, teams of 3 will sign up by paying 100k. We will then match people up based on random dice rolls. The Contestants will jump in the pit, fight, and the winner will advance to the next bracket.”
  • [Jung Ma] [Weekly Event] Discounted Drinks at the Voss-Ka Cantina! Hosted by <Esoteric Order>: “Come out to the Voss-Ka cantina to enjoy some cantina RP with <Esoteric Order> every Thursday night at 8PM EST. All factions and levels are welcome to come! Come talk with your own circle of friends in a Roleplay environment, or make new friends! Enemies can also be made if you're less friendly!”
  • [Jung Ma] Arming the Empire - Free Gear ICly <Hosted by Esoteric Order>: “In an effort to welcome the new Free to Players, encourage the continuation of roleplay on the server, and proudly uphold the excellence and benevolence of Jung Ma's community, Esoteric order will be hosting weekly RP events where we will pass out free high-quality low-level gear on Dromund Kaas in character. Event: Arming the Empire. When: 8-8:45ish pm Friday Nights, starting November 16th, after the launch of FTP. Where: Dromund Kaas, Northern Taxi point in Kaas City (the one that connects to the three areas of the citadel). What: EO will be passing out free gear for all classes, levels 9-20. This will be done in character.”
  • [Jung Ma] <Esoteric Order's> Second World PvP event!: “The Battle of Tatooine! Date: December 16th 2012. Time: 8PM EST. Location: Outpost Thorazan, Czerka Mines (X -2331, Y 402)”
  • [Jung Ma] The Nar Shaddaa FIGHT CLUB! (RP-PvP Event): “WARNING: The following announcement may contain content that is not suitable for girly-men.
    Viewer discretion is advised. Coming Soon!: The Nar Shaddaa FIGHT CLUB. Monday nights; 9pm, near the Violet Lounge.”
  • [Jung Ma] Alpha Company RP-Patrol Schedule: In order to encourage free-form RP (both cross faction and same faction) we are beginning to do an RP Patrol Mon-Thurs every week at the following times and locations. I will update the list as it changes. Monday: Hoth 8:00PM EST. Tuesday: Tatooine 8:00PM EST. Wednesday: Alderaan 8:00PM EST. Thursday: Belsavis 8:00PM EST”
  • [Prophecy of the Five] <Chosen Elite> Hosted 1v1 Duel Tournament 3: “<Chosen Elite> is hosting its 3rd 1v1 Duel Tournament. The rules and information are below. To see videos and brackets from past duels and keep track of the action during the duel tournament go to Sign up below in this thread. Bracket will be set 12:00 EST on 17 December.”
  • [The Bastion] +++++ Tournament Brackets Are Up! +++++: “FIRST ROUND DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 19.”
  • [The Ebon Hawk] Save the date! 1v1 Tournament 1/20/13: “I'm happy to announce that <Team One>, <Inconceivable>, and <Project Mayhem> will be hosting a 1v1 tournament on Sunday, January 20, 2013.”
  • [The Ebon Hawk] Ebon Hawk: Pax SWTOR 1 Year Anniversary Celebration: Dec 21: “Star Wars the Old Republic was released on December 20th 2011. In recognition of one year of released Pax Dominus and Pax Imperius are teaming up to have massive celebration to mark the occasion and EVERYONE is invited to join us. Nothing says celebration in the Star Wars universe than a night filled planet hopping around the galaxy and Fireworks.”
  • [The Ebon Hawk] <Empire> hosting Royal Rumble PvP Tournament December 15!: “Close on the back of the last PvP tournament, <Empire> will be hosting a Battle Royale-style PvP tournament in a week's time. This will be a free-for-all tournament with the last person standing taking everything home. The wrinkle is that the Battle Royale will take place in multiple rounds of successively greater length, with participants eliminated only after 3 deaths. We are going to limit participation in the tournament to 30 toons in order to ensure a reasonable framerate for participants. Signups will open on Tuesday at 8 PM EST to give people time to scrounge up the entry fee, which, after consideration, we've lowered to 50,000 credits.”
  • [The Ebon Hawk] The Ebon Hawk Bounty Board: “Hello everyone. I'm AlyxDinas of the Mantell Syndicate. Back on Lord Adraas, I ran a player bounty board which offered missions for IC open world PvP and even PvE. The original idea came from my friend Darth_Slaine, an Ebon Hawk player. He ran his own board as well for a time.With his permission, I've been allowed to continue the process. All participation is optional but it can lead to some really interested and suspenseful RP. I monitor the board close, keep it updated often, and generally do my best to provide a fun little "game" for people to participate in.”
  • [The Progenitor] Woooookieee Life Day!: “Location: Alderaan Cantina. Date: Sunday 23rd of December 2012. Time: 12AM GMT to ------”
  • [The Red Eclipse] 20th Dec - The Red Eclipse Server Wide Social Spectacular: “Good evening one and all, Alliance-Templars are proud to bring you: The Red Eclipse Server Wide Spectacular! Promo Video:
  • [The Shadowlands] Old Timers Guild +10 Datacron Run 12/16 5PM EST (All are welcome): “We will be doing another public +10 Datacron run on Sunday, December 16th at 5PM EST. Meet us in the museum on the Gav Daragon ship off the fleet.”


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Forum Round-Up

List of new items on the cartel market w/ patch 1.6: The talented Iwipe has posted this awesome guide, which shows you some of the new items now available in Game Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate.

  • TUXs: “As always, amazing work!!! Thank you for your continued hard work!!!”
  • Master-Nala: “Dulfy for president! Thanks!”

Shout out to everyone who has been here for a year: Grafon gives a shout out to all the fans that have been with us for our first year! All of the players who have been playing the game since early game access and launch should check out this thread!

  • Gidrea: “December 15 for me, second day of early access, if I recall. It's been a blast. Looking forward to another year.”
  • Wodaz: “Wow!! A year already!! Been a day one forum user, beta tester and proud owner of a CE version of this game. Here's to many more great years of SWTOR!!!”


Thank you for all of the fun and interesting discussions this week! There are many other great conversations happening in the forums that are not on this list so be sure to look around. Please don’t forget to nominate your favorite threads and events for next week’s Round-Up by posting here!