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Save the date! 1v1 Tournament 1/20/13

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Save the date! 1v1 Tournament 1/20/13

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12.13.2012 , 01:00 PM | #1
Hey everyone,

I'm happy to announce that <Team One>, <Inconceivable>, and <Project Mayhem> will be hosting a 1v1 tournament on Sunday, January 20, 2013.

Here are all the gory details. More logistics will be announced closer to the tournament.

EDIT 1/8/13: I'm a derp (we all know this) and scheduled this right over the AFC Championship game. Moving tournament to 10pm-midnight. I will be mailing all participants to check this time and refund entry fees to those who can no longer make it. Sorry for the confusion

EDIT 1/4/13: Only PVP relics will be allowed. Otherwise, no limits on gear.

1. Time, date, and location

The tournament will be held January 20, 2013 from 10pm-midnightish pm EST in Voss-Ka.
map view
Area 1 (view 1)
Area 1 (view 2)
Area 2 (view 1)
Area 2 (view 2)

2. Entries

A. Number of competitors.
-We will be taking 32 participants. Interested players may only sign up themselves (no reserving spots for friends/guildies), and can only sign up one toon for the entire tournament.
B. Entry Fee
-The entry fee will be 50,000 credits. 100% of the entry fees will be returned to the participants, making for 1.6 million in prizes. 1st - 750k, 2nd - 500k, 100k each to 3rd and 4th place (made it to second to last round, 1 from winners bracket and one from losers), and 50k each to 5, 6, 7 (made it to third to last rounds, 2 from winners bracket and one from losers).
C. Signing Up
-Entries will open two weeks before the tournament on Sunday, Jan 6 at 6pm EST. Reservation of a spot in the tournament will be first come, first serve by sending your name, class, and guild by in-game mail to Nadir republic side, Is’ra imperial side, enjin mail, or e-mail for those travelling ( Once you send your entry fee (preferably with your reservation), your spot will be confirmed. If by Saturday, January 12th you have not submitted your entry fee, you will give up your spot and we will move down our alternate list to fill the tournament.
D. Alternates
-We will have a list of alternates for the tournament in the order that we received the entries and if someone doesn’t show up on the day of the tournament, we’ll see if anyone from the alternates list would like to take their place. An alternate will not have to pay an entry fee, since the no-show already paid.

3. Tournament format

A. Setup
-The tournament will be double-elimination style and the bracket will be posted online. Initial seedings will be assigned randomly. The championship round will be best of 3. There will be no repeating of matches due to lag/disconnection, or interference from spectators (see below).
B. Time Limit
-Duels will be limited to 5 minutes from the initiation of combat (no limit on the final round). If after 5 minutes, neither participant has died, the pair will have a second 5 minute duel. If at the end of the second 5 minutes neither player has killed the other, they will /roll to determine who advances.
C. Referees
-We will have at least two official referees watching each game (watching buff bars and health). Participants will be required to group with a referee during their duel. Anyone caught violating our rules will be disqualified from the tournament and will not receive any prize money they were eligible for. Depending on how many volunteer referees we can get, we would like to have multiple games going simultaneously for the first one or two rounds so that we can move through the 60+ games in reasonable time.

4. Restrictions on participants

A. Stims
-Stims are allowed.
B. Buffs
-No special buffs are allowed except for the four class buffs. (No womp rat vaccine, OD vendor kill buff, NP buff, etc. Please click these off before the tournament.)
C. Grenades
-Grenades are not allowed.
D. Medpacs
-The highest grade medpac allowed will be the level 44 Exceptional Medpac that can be bought from vendors. Rakata Medpacs, and any biochem-specific consumables are not allowed.
E. Adrenals
-Adrenals are not allowed.
F. Gear
-PVP relics only, otherwise, no limits on gear.
G. Spec
-In the interest of time, we ask that no participants have over 20 points in a healing skill tree. However, we will have to take everyone's word on this. Thank you Dashto for the suggestion.

And obviously, no companions :P

5. Spectators and non-participants

A. Restrictions
-We ask that everyone at the tournament be unflagged and respectful towards the people dueling. If a spectator interferes with a match he will disqualify himself AND all entries from his guild from the tournament. Things qualifying as interference will be up to the discretion of the referees and include (but are not limited to) laying down stealth scan/other AOE's in the area of the duel, running through the duel, and general behavior which is distracting to the participants. If as a spectator, you'd like to duel for fun or practice, please keep your duel far away from the tournament area. There will be no do-overs, so this zero-tolerance rule will hopefully prevent any interference from happening altogether.
B. Volunteering
-We will need volunteers to help referee matches in the first couple rounds of the tournament. You must be willing to come in mumble with the rest of the tournament organizers during these rounds and take screenshots if necessary. Bonus points if you have FRAPS! Also if someone with a massive drive and zero lag wants to volunteer to record matches, that would be awesome too. Get in touch with me if you’re interested in doing either of these things (contact info above).
C. Community Refereeing
-If you’re standing in the crowd and see a violation of the rules during one of the games that our referees may miss (hey, nobody’s perfect), take a screenshot and send a tell to anyone in Team One, Incon, or Project Mayhem ASAP. Please do not just ***** at or accuse someone in /say. Working together and self-policing can strengthen the community and help this event be awesome.

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12.13.2012 , 04:29 PM | #2
Very cool!! Looking forward to participating, and or Spectating if full
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NadirPalo's Avatar

12.14.2012 , 04:17 PM | #3
Thanks for your support, Mort! Hope to see lots of Pax signing up when the time comes.
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TEH -- Ruyah shadow -- Nadir vanguard -- Nadiri scoundrel -- Zaahira sentinel -- Na'dir guardian

Badfenix's Avatar

12.14.2012 , 10:34 PM | #4
I'll def be there and I can make you a sweet promotional poster for the event if you are interested. See my previous masterworks here
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12.14.2012 , 11:04 PM | #5
No more posters from you, Bro. Nope. Noooo.
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12.15.2012 , 03:11 AM | #6
My suggestion to Nadir was that for a 1v1 tournament, specs should be limited to at most 20 points in a healing tree. This way you can still hybridize a little bit if you want to, but the core healing talents are off-limits.

Not that I have any say in the tournament rules, but I am just curious what the rest of the server thinks of a restriction like this.

The main purpose is intended to prevent full healer vs. full healer matches that will go on indefinitely. The secondary purpose is that full healer vs. anything else could end up being very long as well depending on the players involved and we want to keep the spectators entertained in light of that 46 minute match in the 5v5 tournament.

Alternatively, you could allow full healing specs but if two players with full healing specs are matched up against each other both will be required to respec to something with 20 points or less in a healing tree. This would still leave a possible stalemate between a full healer and a tank guardian with self-heals on leap, for example. Not that I know much about 1v1 duelling but after a 30 minute duels with Sindol and Elandria I am pretty sure nobody would want to watch either of those.

Also worth discussing whether or not consumables should be allowed, or the good ol' vanish + out-of-combat regen somewhere far away. That would depend on the choice of location of course if that was actually a concern.
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12.15.2012 , 07:05 AM | #7
scoundrel heals don't rely too much on their top tier talent for survivability in 1v1s, more spamming EMP and SRMP, and i'm not sure how many sages would use salvation in 1v1 with all the knockbacks there, but the idea of forcing a sage to go into a bubble spec horrfies me :P

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12.15.2012 , 07:23 AM | #8
20 points would exclude you from being able to get Emergency Medpac/Surgical Probe, Healing Trance/Innervate, and Trauma Probe/Kolto Shell.

Quote: Originally Posted by kloma View Post
the idea of forcing a sage to go into a bubble spec horrfies me :P
When have you ever had to force a Sage to go bubble spec? I mean, there's Pansy who goes 31 points in healing but every other Sorc/Sage on the server is lovin' their bubblestun!
Dashto Vant - Arsenal Mercenary - The most dashing bounty hunter in the galaxy.

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12.15.2012 , 07:39 AM | #9
omglol i cant count, thought you meant 30 points

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12.15.2012 , 12:46 PM | #10
I've never actually taken part in a hosted tournament for two reasons.

1) My guild doesn't have enough people that like to pvp

2) I doubt other guild's teams would like having a scrapper spec scoundrel on their team

This tourney interests me because it's 1v1, I can do that.

Will most definitely set aside the date to be there! Eager for the details to be announced!
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