Fighting Style:  Stealth, Double-Bladed Saber

Tactical Role(s): Melee Damage, Melee Tank

Assassins leap from the shadows, channeling Force lightning through their double-bladed Lightsabers to disable and drain their enemies. They are masters of subterfuge, feared by even the most terrible opponents.

  • Deception

    Enhances the Assassin's stealth ability, helping him sneak up and dispatch his foes.

    • Surging Charge

      Surging Charge


      Cooldown: 1.5 secs
      Charges your Lightsaber with raw surging force, giving your attacks a 25% chance to deal 148 internal damage. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. Requires a double-bladed Lightsaber. Does not break stealth.
    • Static Charges

      Static Charges


      When your Surging Charge deals damage, you have a 100% chance to build a Static Charge, increasing the damage dealt by your next Surging Discharge by 6%. Stacks up to 5 times.
    • Duplicity



      Direct damage attacks have a 10% chance to grant Exploit Weakness, causing your next Maul to ignore 50% of the target’s armor and cost 50% less Force. Cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.
  • Darkness

    Focuses on defensive techniques to help protect the Assassin and his allies.

    • Charge Mastery

      Charge Mastery


      Improves the effect of your Lightsaber charges while they're active:
      • tLightning Charge: Increases your crit chance by 3%.
      • Dark Charge: Internal and elemental resistance increased by 9%.
      • Surging Charge: Your attacks ignore 9% of your target's armor.
    • Wither



      Cooldown: 7.5 secs
      Range: 15m
      Causes up to 5 targets to wither under the weight of the Force, dealing 297 kinetic damage and decreasing the damage all targets deal by 5%. This ability generates a high amount of threat. Lasts 15 seconds.
    • Energize



      While Dark Charge is active, Thrash and Lacerate have a 50% chance to finish the cooldown on Shock and make your next Shock a critical hit. Energized Shocks that consume a charge of Recklessness deal an additional 50% critical damage.
    • Harnessed Darkness

      Harnessed Darkness


      Shock has a 50% chance to grant Harnessed Darkness, which makes the next Force Lightning used uninterruptable and immune to pushback. In addition, each stack increases the damage dealt by your next Force Lightning by 25%. Stacks up to 3 times. At 3 stacks, each tick of Force Lightning heals you for 3% of your maximum health.
  • Madness (shared)

    Increases the Inquisitor's mastery of the Force to drain and corrupt his enemies.

    • Parasitism



      Causes critical hits from periodic damage abilities to restore 1% of your total health and force.
    • Death Field

      Death Field


      Cooldown: 15 secs
      Range: 30m
      Creates a Death Field at the target location, dealing 965 internal damage and stealing 77 health from up to 3 targets within an 8 meter radius.
    • Raze



      Melee critical hits have a 11% chance to finish the cooldown on Crushing Darkness and make your next Crushing Darkness activate instantly and cost 100% less Force.
    • Corrupted Flesh

      Corrupted Flesh


      Reduces the damage taken by all periodic effects by 7.5%.