Fighting Style: Single Lightsaber, Heavy Armor

Tactical Role(s): Melee Tank, Melee Damage

A stalwart defender of the Sith Empire, the Juggernaut embodies the teachings of Marka Ragnos, charging into enemies with heavy armor and pure rage.

  • Vengeance

    The Juggernaut stops at nothing to crush enemies, obliterating them with heavy hits.

    • Shatter



      Cooldown: 9 secs
      Range: 4m
      Channels the Force into your Lightsaber and crushes your target under its weight, dealing 569 internal damage to a target afflicted by Sundering Assault, with a further 1476 internal damage over 12 seconds.
    • Unstoppable



      Force Charge has a 100% chance to grant Unstoppable, reducing all damage taken by 20% and granting immunity to physics and movement impairing effects for 4 seconds.
    • Rampage



      Impale and Shatter have a 10% chance to finish the cooldown on Ravage. This effect cannot occur more than once every 15 seconds. Each rank beyond the first reduces this rate limit by 3 seconds.
    • Draining Scream

      Draining Scream


      Force Scream has a 50% chance to cause the target to bleed for 112 damage over 6 seconds.
  • Immortal

    Uses the power of the Force to increase the Warrior's survivability in battle.

    • Invincible



      Cooldown: 3 mins
      Reduces the damage the Warrior suffers from all sources by 60% for 9 seconds.
    • Revenge



      While in Soresu Form, parrying, deflecting, shielding, or resisting an attack has a 50% chance to grant Revenge, reducing the rage cost of your next Force Scream or Smash by 1. Lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 3 times.
    • Crushing Blow

      Crushing Blow

      Cooldown: 15 sec
      Rage: 4
      Range: 4m
      Crushes the target with a mighty blow, dealing 689 – 704 weapon damage and applying 3 stacks of armor reduction for 15 seconds. Targets affected by 5 stacks of your armor reduction suffer 861 – 880 weapon damage instead.
    • Sweeping Fury

      Sweeping Fury


      Increases the frequency at which Soresu Form can generate rage by 1 second. In addition, Sweeping Slash and Vicious Slash have a 33% chance to reduce the active cooldown of Berserk by 1 second.
  • Rage (shared)

    Allows the Warrior greater control of the Force and further mastery of the Shii-Cho form.

    • Obliterate



      Cooldown: 15 secs
      Range: 15m
      Jumps to a target, impaling it for 307-363 weapon damage. Strikes with both weapons if dual wielding.
    • Shockwave



      Each tick of Force Choke and Force Crush grants you Shockwave, increasing the damage your next Smash deals by 25%. Stacks up to 4 times.
    • Dominate



      Force Charge and Obliterate have a 50% chance to make your next Smash used within 15 seconds an automatic critical hit.
    • Sundering Throw

      Sundering Throw


      Lowers the cooldown of Saber Throw by 2.5 seconds and causes Saber Throw to apply 1 stack of sunder armor to the target.