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The Weekly Forum Thread Round-Up: May 30th, 2012

Hello everyone,

It’s time for this week’s Forum Thread Round-Up. Every week, we highlight some of the most interesting discussions in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community. Most of these discussions originate from our forums, but we will also be looking at what people are saying about The Old Republic on other sites whenever we can.

Please note: This Round-Up is meant to highlight interesting, productive discussions and not the most talked about forum threads.

Want us to highlight an interesting thread for next week? Feel free to nominate any discussions for next week in the forum thread for this blog.

Let’s get started!

Bonus companion coming in 1.3?: Prokaryote brings up a question from last week’s Q&A about the much loved droid, HK-47. It seems like most of you would love to see him back!

  • MissDevereaux: “I really hope it's true. HK-47 was freaking hilarious.”
  • Jedimessiah: “I would rock an all black or gold HK. I really hope we get one.”

A High Res Compendium of all the SWTOR speeders: Iwipe has put together a beautiful catalogue of high res screenshots of all the speeders in The Old Republic. It’s the perfect guide to have on hand when you are speeder shopping!

  • Shayde: “A beautiful and well done guide, thanks!”
  • Beaunidle: “Really nice compendium, well put together with good pictures. Thanks J”

Double-bladed lightsaber hilts: While we have you in the shopping mood, take a look at the image TianaArylle created of some of the double-bladed lightsaber hilts in the game.

  • Xienive: “Oooh very nice! Thank you for sharing!”
  • Chimunga: “Awesome little compilation. Thanks :D”

Create the silliest class you can think of!: Wolfninjajedi started a fun thread asking the community to create new hilarious classes. Some of your answers included:

  • Mokkh: “Name of Class: Cantina Bouncer
    Story: You keep the peace when things get rowdy, and keep watch on goings on. Due to the nature of cantina patrons and their affairs, you have to seek out and defeat organized criminal elements who have taken it upon themselves to undermine your chosen profession by staking claim to the establishments you work at. So you have to decide, do you root out criminal activity or become complicit to the point of joining up as a member of the syndicate?”
  • Phrase: “Name of Class: Nerfherder
    Prologue: starts on pastoral Naboo after you lose your prized Nerf. You have to find out who stole it before the annual 4-N (National Naboo Nerf Night) Roundup.”

LI Companions, romance, future content & you...: Can’t get enough of your companions? Taalbert asks what you would like to see in the future involving your favorite companions, particularly the love interests.

  • Eanelinea: “I'd like to see some type of proof that I can show other players that I romanced and married my LI. Maybe a title like:
    Character name, wife of (insert companion spouse)
    Character name, husband of (insert companion spouse)
    Character name the Married”
  • Arravan: “I would go for more quests together.”

Thanks for all of the great discussions this week! As always, there are many other interesting conversations happening in the forums not on this list so be sure to explore. Nominate some of your favorites for next week’s blog by posting in this forum thread.


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