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The Weekly Forum Thread Round-Up: May 25th, 2012

Hello everyone,

We are back with this week’s Forum Thread Round-Up. Every week, we highlight some of the most interesting discussions in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community. Most of these discussions originate from our forums, but we will also be looking at what people are saying about The Old Republic on other sites whenever we can.

Please note: This Round-Up is meant to highlight interesting, productive discussions and not the most talked about forum threads.

Want us to highlight an interesting thread for next week? Feel free to nominate a discussion in the forum thread for this blog.

Let’s begin!

Daniel Erickson reveals plan to merge into super-servers!: Origin poster, Pahomi, is excited about the new “super” servers that Daniel Erickson mentioned in an interview with PC Gamer.

  • Neloth: “OMG this is great news! Just what the doctor(s?) ordered! I'm glad they chose super-server approach since it fixes alot of problems with few down sides.”
  • Ktkenshinx: “Super servers presumably solve both the problem of open world PvP, and the problem of low population. Everything is more fun with lots of people around! Open world PvP in particular would really benefit from a super server. That could become a huge draw for players to return to SWTOR, if they could live out the Imp vs. Pub conflict on any world of their choice with huge enemy faction representation. It's a nice vision, at least.”

PVP, Rankings and Servers: Origin poster, Coolss, sparks a conversation about future PvP ideas.

  • Coolss: “What if we had a real time ladder system here in SWTOR site and servers only for ranked PVP, for example a wz server for EU and US where people login only to do "esports" for ladders... and maybe later on for cups' first stages. This would allow the more dedicated players to find the best matches they want, challenge other teams on calender perhaps and we could do this without the cross server wz "mess". I know I am bad at explaining this but I hope you get the idea. Character copy to a wz server where no gear grind happens, no extra stuff, only ur character and his abilities, ladder system with site support, ability to challenge other teams (not just random finder). I know it's a very very raw idea that would needs tons of tweaking but I just see this as a great opportunity.”
  • Wolfmith: “I don't quite agree with team matches with less than 4 people. Imagine 2 DPS vs Healer+Tank or vs Healer+DPS. Wouldn't work. But I do like the ladder system and I think that would be a huge improvement to what we currently have. PvPers like to see their work recognized.”

PvP 101: How To Become A Contender!: While we are on the topic of PvP, Lunez updated their guide on how to be an effect PvP player once you reach level 50. Other members of the community also added their own suggestions.

  • Lunez: “Added a bunch of refinements to existing sections were added, whereby information was expanded upon, corrected, and/or improved upon. The following sections listed below were either added or updated as indicated. Added the beginning introductions to Mod-Ripping, and Rotations which will be largely the next sections added to this guide.”
  • Ragetacular: “Please highlight the fact that pvp warzones are objective driven. As you're learning how to play, make sure to understand what each warzone requires in order to win. If all you care about is doing the most damage, then you most likely are not helping your team win. If you are not actively paying attention to something you're supposed to be defending, then you're not really defending it. If you're in a good position for someone to pass the huttball to, then don't feel forced to move around, it's ok to be patient for the ball to be passed to you (and don't run outside of the pass circle when they do pass). Fundamentally defending is easier than attacking. You do not need to kill every person attacking you, you just need to survive and interrupt their action until help gets there.”

Patch 1.4 What do you want?: obi-one-tonne looks to the future and asks his fellow players what they are looking forward to after Game Update 1.3.

  • Jonusshow: “- New flashpoints, operations, warzones, and missions (space included)
    - Some sort of bounty board available to all classes
    - Continuing companion story lines
    - Mini-games
    - Medals and Trophies for display (for doing certain tasks and accomplishments)”
  • Kyneris: “More class quests, more world quests, more companion quests. I play this game because I love the story. I want more of that...”

2 Man Hard Mode Flashpoint Guide: A very helpful guide, written by Cytherion, on how to run flashpoints with another player and your companions.

  • ADPowah: “Excellent guide, I look forward to putting your tips to use.”
  • Cytherion: “Running flashpoints with companions can be fun! I do that regularly and its a blast.”

Thanks for all of the great discussions this week! As always, there are many other interesting conversations happening in the forums not on this list so be sure to explore. Nominate some of your favorites for next week’s blog by posting in this forum thread.


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