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Community Round-Up: May 2nd, 2013

Welcome to this week’s Community Round-Up. Each week, we scour the forums, fan sites, and reddit, finding some of the most interesting discussions in the community as well as player-created events happening on servers in The Old Republic™.

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Let’s begin!


Server Events

Get to know the community on your server by participating in player-created events. Below are some occurring this week! Be sure to take a look at the Server Forums to find other events happening on your individual server.

Begeren Colony

  • Tournament of Champions 2.0: “Our last tournament was last time was a blast and we hope to take what we learned from last time and make this tournament even more fun and more standardized. This tournament will be held May 11th (Saturday) at 5 pst. The location will be the same as last time, the pit in Outlaw's Den.”

Jung Ma

  • 1v1 Open Dueling Tournament: “The Saal Dueling Corporation (SDC) was founded for the express purpose of hosting and organizing High Stakes PvP events across the server. All PvPer's love competition - it's what we thrive on! The true competitor thrives on the knowledge of who's the best, and who's only ‘better.’ For every tournament there will be cash prizes as well as crafted gear donated to the winners of the event. When: Sunday, May 12, 2013 @ 7:00pm Server Time.”
  • Ranked PVP Nights: “We are looking for the best nights to get our best teams out there. Wed, Fri, and Sun nights seem to be the best mix for us right now. We are currently gearing, practicing, and mix/matching the best groups but are hoping to find a couple nights each week to start queuing against other guilds again. Just wanted input from those other ranked guilds on what nights they queue the most so we can try to organize it the same way.”

The Ebon Hawk

  • The Ebon Hawk Bounty Board: “Hello everyone. I'm AlyxDinas. Back on Lord Adraas, I ran a player bounty board which offered missions for IC open world PvP and even PvE. The original idea came from my friend Darth_Slaine, an Ebon Hawk player. He ran his own board as well for a time.With his permission, I've been allowed to continue the process. All participation is optional but it can lead to some really interested and suspenseful RP. I monitor the board close, keep it updated often, and generally do my best to provide a fun little "game" for people to participate in.”

The Red Eclipse

  • Pet Show Event: “As part of our 8th Birthday as a guild, having founded in 2005, next Saturday (4th May) at 2PM BST (Uk time) we will host a server wide Pet show in the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Lower Prominade on Nar Shaddaa.”

The Shadowlands

  • +10 Datacron Run Hosted By The Old Timers Guild--Saturday, May 11 at 5PM EDT: “We will be doing another public +10 Datacron run on the Republic side on Saturday, May 11th at 5PM EST. Meet us in the museum on the Gav Daragon ship off the fleet. Once on the Gav, take the elevator to the bridge deck then head to the south end where you will find another elevator that goes up to the museum. Before entering the hallway to the datacron room, you need to get a blue crystal to get the datacron. We will have guild members posted at the doors where you need to go once in the museum.”


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Thank you for all of the fun and interesting discussions this week! There are many other great conversations happening in the forums that are not on this list so be sure to look around. Please don’t forget to nominate your favorite threads and events for next week’s Round-Up by posting here!