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Community Round-Up: December 6th, 2012


It’s time for the Community Round-Up. Each week, we scour the forums, fan sites, and reddit, finding some of the most interesting discussions in the community as well as player-created events happening on certain servers in The Old Republic™.

If you have nominations for next week’s Round-Up, please post them in this thread. Please remember the Community Round-Up blog is meant to highlight interesting, productive discussions and server events - not the most talked about forum threads.

Let’s begin!


Server Events

Get to know the community on your server by participating in player-created events. Below are some occurring this week! Be sure to take a look at the Server Forums to find other events happening on your individual server.

  • [Begeren Colony] Ranked PvP: “Grim Determination and Ascension Strikes Back are queueing (competitive) ranked Monday, December 10, 7:30PM PST.”
  • [Begeren Colony] Dark Jedi Order End of the Month PVP Event!: “We at Dark Jedi Order (DJO) would like to cordially invite all of you to a hopefully huge pvp event. There is no date or location set as this is a post to see the interest level. We are offering 5 million credits split up among the winners. We will split all of the players up into brackets based on your level.”
  • [Jung Ma] Alpha Company RP-Patrol Schedule: “In order to encourage free-form RP (both cross faction and same faction) we are beginning to do an RP Patrol Mon-Thurs every week at the following times and locations. I will update the list as it changes. Monday: Hoth 8:00PM EST. Tuesday: Tatooine 8:00PM EST. Wednesday: Alderaan 8:00PM EST. Thursday: Belsavis 8:00PM EST.”
  • [Jung Ma] <Esoteric Order's> 3v3 Tournament: “<Esoteric Order> will be hosting its very own 3v3 Tournament. Almost exactly like the one Shimigami tried to hold. It will be at the Outlaw's Den, teams of 3 will sign up by paying 100k. We will then match people up based on random dice rolls. The Contestants will jump in the pit, fight, and the winner will advance to the next bracket.”
  • [Jung Ma] [Weekly Event] Discounted Drinks at the Voss-Ka Cantina! Hosted by <Esoteric Order>: “Come out to the Voss-Ka cantina to enjoy some cantina RP with <Esoteric Order> every Thursday night at 8PM EST. All factions and levels are welcome to come! Come talk with your own circle of friends in a Roleplay environment, or make new friends! Enemies can also be made if you're less friendly!”
  • [Jung Ma] The Nar Shaddaa FIGHT CLUB! (RP-PvP Event): “WARNING: The following announcement may contain content that is not suitable for girly-men.
    Viewer discretion is advised. Coming Soon!: The Nar Shaddaa FIGHT CLUB. Monday nights; 9pm, near the Violet Lounge.”
  • [Master Dar’Nala] R.A.W (Ranked APAC Warzone) Championship: “On Saturday 8th December, myself and EsKy (Fresk/Gresk) will be hosting/casting a SWTOR eSports first. The
    R.A.W (Ranked APAC Warzone) Championship.”
  • [Prophecy of the Five] Guild Leader's Council Meeting-Pax Republica: “We will be holding the meeting on Dec 9th at 1pm EST, Due to the size we ask that attendees come to Silppery Slopes Cantina - Lower Promenade Nar Shadaa. We will be using this to coordinate our talks in the /say chat, and one representative will be our teamspeak.”
  • [The Bastion] ++++ Scold's First (and hopefully not last) Tournament! ++++: “It is with great pleasure that I announce my first official dueling tournament! As inspired by the desire for more PvP events (and since rateds and regular warzones are becoming stale for some), I am calling on all tryhards and duelnerds to help me resurrect some excitement. I've already approached numerous members of the "regular" PvP crowd, and the majority would be on board. The most important thing to note is that the more people who sign up, the more fun will be had by all.”
  • [The Ebon Hawk] GG hosted Server PVP tournament 12/8: “As Game Genie's Social Liaison I would like to extend to all an invitation to Game Genie's Server-Wide PVP Tournament. Here are the details: Teams are 5 vs. 5. Date is Dec. 8th, 9pm est. Place: Outlaw's Den. Entry fee: 150,000 per team. We will award cash prizes to the winner and 2nd place finishers.”
  • [The Ebon Hawk] The Ebon Hawk Bounty Board: “Hello everyone. I'm AlyxDinas of the Mantell Syndicate. Back on Lord Adraas, I ran a player bounty board which offered missions for IC open world PvP and even PvE. The original idea came from my friend Darth_Slaine, an Ebon Hawk player. He ran his own board as well for a time.With his permission, I've been allowed to continue the process. All participation is optional but it can lead to some really interested and suspenseful RP. I monitor the board close, keep it updated often, and generally do my best to provide a fun little "game" for people to participate in.”
  • [The Ebon Hawk] Corellian Transports and Exports Presents: The Vertical City Swoopstakes!: “WHEN: Sunday, Droukcember 8th @ 9:00 EST (Echuta Standard Time). WHERE: Lower Promenade, Nar Shaddaa.”
  • [The Progenitor] Woooookieee Life Day!: “Location: Alderaan Cantina. Date: Sunday 23rd of December 2012. Time: 12AM GMT to ------”
  • [The Red Eclipse] PvP Tournaments: “We will be arranging some tournaments for the coming Saturday. I would love for as many players and guilds to sign up as possible (no registration required). Please read rules before entering. These are some brand new ideas from me so hope you enjoy.”
  • [The Shadowlands] Old Timers Guild +10 Datacron Run 12/16 5PM EST (All are welcome): “We will be doing another public +10 Datacron run on Sunday, December 16th at 5PM EST. Meet us in the museum on the Gav Daragon ship off the fleet.”


SWTOR Subreddit


Forum Round-Up

Millenium falcon gingerbread: Origin Poster alawrence posted this amazing Millennium Falcon out of gingerbread to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

  • Vandicus: “That's pretty darn awesome.”
  • Orlesian: “Looks really great!”

Playable and Companion species suggestion thread: Vitas has continued to update this suggestion thread for new species in The Old Republic.

  • TheHunterC: “Kaleesh”
  • Flintfire: “Duros and Rodian would be kick butt bounty hunters.”

Cel Cawdro's Ultimate "Community Desire for Species" Poll: CelCawdro also has been updating their poll for new species.

  • Norke: “1. Kel Dor 2. Rodian 3. Voss”
  • Duduneco: “1. Trandoshan 2. Togruta 3. Mon Calamari”

Most Epic story parts (SPOILERS): TrumpetNut asks the community what parts of their class story did they feel was the most “epic.” Some of your answers included:

  • Darkondo: “Imperial Agent story on Tatooine: an elite member of ghost cell disguises as your contact and starts coming on to you and the agent sees right through it saying to her "Never lie to a professional liar" and then blasts her.”
  • Jandi: “JK one: Kira asks: ‘wow, do you ever leave survivors?’ which you can reply with ‘It gets boring fighting the same enemy twice’ Which Kira then replies with: ‘Yeeah.... I don't think that's in the Jedi code’”


Thank you for all of the fun and interesting discussions this week! There are many other great conversations happening in the forums that are not on this list so be sure to look around. Please don’t forget to nominate your favorite threads and events for next week’s Round-Up by posting here!