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++++ Scold's First (and hopefully not last) Dueling Tournament! ++++

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++++ Scold's First (and hopefully not last) Dueling Tournament! ++++

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12.02.2012 , 04:50 PM | #1
Greetings fellow Bastioners!


It is with great pleasure that I announce my first official dueling tournament! As inspired by the desire for more PvP events (and since rateds and regular warzones are becoming stale for some), I am calling on all tryhards and duelnerds to help me resurrect some excitement. I've already approached numerous members of the "regular" PvP crowd, and the majority would be on board. The most important thing to note is that the more people who sign up, the more fun will be had by all.

The Roster (57 total)

* Scold (Operative) [Forum name: Morde_]
* Wakalord (Assassin) [Forum name: EatenByDistance]
* Breakfast (Shadow) [Forum name: Cosch]
* Palmsolo (Assassin) [Forum name: sithloardbob]
* Adraaj (Assassin) [Forum name: Z-ToXiN]
* Psudo (Assassin) [Forum name: MashoPsudo]
* Darkscythe (Assassin)
* Sneakyboy (Operative)
* Moon-Unit(Scoundrel)
* Turbo-x (Sniper)
* Otto (Operative)
* Sinister-derp (Shadow)
* Jedicide (Assassin) [Forum name: Scer]
* Justbodies (Operative)
* Icressi (Class TBA)
* Revoke (Operative)
* Winz (Marauder)
* Ryere (Assassin)
* Wolfslashfox (Operative) [Forum name: RicedxOut]
* Gudarzz (Marauder)
* Advance (Sage) [Forum name: CJnEw]
* Vectato (Assassin)
* Game'of'pwns (Marauder) [Forum name: Tebbis]
* Jiraya (Guardian) [Forum name: ishank]
* Syrik (Assassin)
* Kakarrot (Sentinel) [Forum name: JediMasterSLC]
* Soldåt (Juggernaut) [Forum name: UberDuberSoldat] his special 'a' in his name is alt+134
* Majinn (Assassin) [Forum name: Squidkidz]
* Uglymr-j (Marauder) [Forum name: UGLYMRJ]
* Karmapopo (Juggernaut) [Forum name: Floydsox]
* Scopeseven (Sorc tank) [Forum name: Tommytwotoes]
* Alphazen (Shadow) [Forum name: DarthOvertone]
* Cialy (Marauder) [Forum name: Cial]
* Ionelsa (Juggernaut)
* Vemron (Sorcerer)
* Oaksdeezee (Marauder)
* Hideyokids (Marauder)
* Rhaffus (Powertech)
* Aiyla (Sniper)
* Kreytor (Powertech)
* Kragoon (Sorcerer)
* Headshøt (Sniper) The 'o' is alt-0248
* Kyrèn (Marauder) his accented 'e' code is alt-0232
* Veshann (cute Shadow)
* Shimaru (Guardian)
* Wiggler (Shadow) [Forum name: CpnWiggler]
* Sìfu (Shadow) [Forum name: Wuzan]
* Hood-rat (Scoundrel) [Forum name: backstreetboi]
* Lokarr (Powertech) [Forum name: Kaane]
* Alue (Juggernaut) [Forum name: WalkinDead]
* Luxford (Sorcerer) [Forum name: TheRealLuxford]
* Skylene (Sage) [Forum name: skilligan]
* Shredmegatron (Wat) [Forum name: MegatronShredder]
* Valizor (Assassin) [Forum name: Silenceo]
* Yuc (Guardian) [Forum name: Soapland]
* Pyratech (Powertech) [Forum name: Dromgroth]
* Man-iac (Who knows..) [Forum name: ManiacDavis]
* HAWK-X (Peregrine Falcon) [Forum name:]

The turnout so far is absolutely unreal guys. There's already way more signups than I was expecting. Going to cap it at 64 players because powers of 2 form the best bracket setups. That would mean that the winner has to defeat SIX opponents on their way to the title. Hope we can make it to 64!

The Enticement

The winner of the tournament (which is free to enter!) will receive a hearty 1.5 million credits, and more importantly, the opportunity to compete with some of the server's best to prove which of us is the biggest nerd.

Because this game isn't based around 1v1, the non-stealth player who advances the furthest will receive a bonus prize of 500,000.

The Format
The general format will be as follows: You will be matched against your opponent in the official tournament brackets. You and your opponent can fight your match whenever you want, provided that it finishes within a specified deadline. Thus, this isn't a "one-day" tournament. It will span over a couple weeks and it will allow you to play on your own time.

This format has proven to be successful in providing a tournament that advances at a steady pace, but allows the freedom for players who juggle real-life with the game. It also provides an excellent "spectator sport" for those who like to stream, or have their friends watch matches. With this many players it's unreasonable to expect to do the tournament in a single day.

The rules are as follows:
  • I STRONGLY SUGGEST DISCUSSING WITH YOUR OPPONENT ANY EXTRA RULES YOU WANT TO DECIDE ON. The main rule is that both parties have to decide on stuff. There is a lot of flexibility to the tournament (i.e. do we allow sap-healing? adrenals? where should we fight? line of sighting? should we swap openers?). Please be open with your partner. The rule flexibility is for your own benefit.
  • I will be using to organize the brackets. You don't need to make an account it's just a free web browser app that helps track generic tournaments. As the games progress I will keep it updated and continually post the results.
  • If you're fighting cross-faction and in the open world, companions are NOT allowed.
  • The brackets will be RANDOMLY generated. The tournament is simply single-elimination.
  • Matches will be BEST OF 3. You lose twice, you're out.
  • Medpacs, consumables, grenades are all ALLOWED
  • NO CHARACTER SWAPPING. You sign up for the tournament with ONE character and that will be your character for the duration of the tournament.
  • Respecs are allowed at any time throughout the tournament.
  • Duels that get interrupted in ANY way (i.e. if you're fighting in Outlaw's Den or cross-faction or wherever) are nullified immediately. I recommend screenshotting any "funny business". It will help you argue your case in the event of a disagreement.
  • This is the most important rule: I do NOT expect the tournament to be completed in a single night. As the tournament progresses through the brackets, there will be a deadline enforced for the rounds (i.e. quarter-finals must be completed by, say, Sunday Dec. 23 or something) These will be based on the "flow" of the tournament and around real life events (Christmas is soon, wheeee!). IF MATCHES ARE NOT COMPLETED BY THE DEADLINE, I WILL ADVANCE THE PLAYER WHO PUT FORTH THE MOST EFFORT TO TRY AND FIND AND PLAY AGAINST THEIR OPPONENT. IF NEITHER PLAYER IS SHOWING EFFORT TO GET THE DUELS DONE, I WILL DISQUALIFY BOTH PLAYERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. This is to ensure that the tournament advances at a steady pace. You can prove that you are trying to find your opponent by "/1 LF PLAYER X FOR FIGHTS", or by pointing out "hey I've been online for a few hours tonight and PLAYER X is on my friends list and he's online but won't fight me" OR (the best option in my opinion) reaching out on this thread to try and contact your player to organize a time. Stuff like that will reward you with the 'bye' if the fights aren't completed by the deadline. It will have to be a judgement call for the most case. Communication is your friend here, both with the tournament organizers and with your opponent. DISQUALIFICATIONS WILL CAUSE DRAMA, TRUST ME.

If there's any more rules that you think would be necessary to ensure fairness please let me know and we can discuss.

Signing Up and Submitting Match Results
I can be contacted any time on my imp character Scold, or my pub character Scoldilocks (add me on your friends list IMO). Contacting me via in-game mail while I'm offline is totally fine too. As well, you can post your sign ups/match results in this thread (I'll keep it bumped).

When signing up, please make sure you mention the name of your character (and class) that you wish to play on for the duration of the tournament. I know lots of you, but I don't know all your alts and stuff =/.

As well, when your fights are done or if you want to sign up, you can contact Sharkyo/Smakyo, Justbaddies/Justbodies, Jonie, Cameronz, or really anyone else in <Hey im mvp> [IMP] or <Hey im not MVP> [PUB] and I'm sure that they'll relay the message to me.

The biggest tip I can give to you when you're performing your fights is to SCREENSHOT AT THE END OF EVERY DUEL.

I'll repeat that again, but bigger. SCREENSHOT ALL OF YOUR DUELS. Screenshot submissions are not required when declaring yourself the winner or loser, but they will definitely help in the case of a disagreement. I won't be around to watch every single fight (though if you invite me to watch, I'll happily drop what I'm doing and come to watch), but the more witnesses and the more screenshots you have of the results, the easier it will be to advance the correct player.

In the past, I've seen that in 99.9% of cases, the loser will gracefully accept defeat. But there will always be that butthurt kid who throws a hissy fit and has 1000 excuses when they lose. This is where screenshots/witnesses are your best friend. Don't ever underestimate how immature some people can be in a video game.

Final Note
Questions? Comments? Please post them here.

I am aware that class imbalances will have an effect on the outcome of the tournament. This is a trial run (hence the free entry) and in the future I hope to have more balanced tournament formats (2v2, 3v3, 5v5, etc)

Therefore, the player who advances the furthest in the tournament who is NOT a stealth class (assassin/shadow or scoundrel/operative) will receive a special bonus prize of 500k credits. This is to help prevent the tournament from being 100% assassins which is lame.

Thanks for taking the time to read! We can't rely 100% on Bioware to provide all the entertainment in the game. At some point, the community has to come together and make something awesome for ourselves. There will be drama, there will be butthurt players, there will be tears of joy, there will be hurt egos, and if we're lucky, Rayray might even provide nudes to the winner. If there's one thing I've learned from these tournaments in the past, is that they *RARELY* run smoothly. I ask for your patience and as much maturity as you can muster. As I've stated several times, it's up to the community to make this work. There's nothing to lose and only fun to gain by trying these tournaments out.

Another fun thing. Murkin is our hometown hero and I'm officially designating him the camera-man of the tournament. If you want to be famous I'm sure you can contact him and he can record your fights and post them up on his awesome stream,

Let's prove that we can be the most fun server.

Sign-up deadline is at the end of Friday December 7th
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12.02.2012 , 04:56 PM | #2
Hi Party Time Wakalord Flexguildmaster here and I am signing up on my Sith Assassin named Party Time Wakalord Flexguildmaster.
Watch my stream!
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12.02.2012 , 05:00 PM | #3
Waka i wanted to be the first to sign up. Breakfast - Jedi Shadow.

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12.02.2012 , 05:25 PM | #4
Hi, there this all sounds great, Im signing up on Palmsolo sith assassin
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12.02.2012 , 05:35 PM | #5
Im so down for this.

Adraaj - Assassin

btw I like the idea of having to have duels done by a certain date as opposed to having everyone meet at one time and place and do it all in one night.

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12.02.2012 , 05:49 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Z-ToXiN View Post
Im so down for this.

Adraaj - Assassin

btw I like the idea of having to have duels done by a certain date as opposed to having everyone meet at one time and place and do it all in one night.
Indeed! Tournaments in the past have excluded players because they were busy "that day" so this will open up the playing field for everyone.
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12.02.2012 , 05:52 PM | #7
Count me in. Psudo - Assassin

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12.02.2012 , 06:16 PM | #8
Time to see who the best shadow is put me in - Hawk-x - Jedi Shadow.

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12.02.2012 , 06:43 PM | #9
Count me in --- Jedicide Assassin

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12.02.2012 , 08:44 PM | #10
Count me in
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