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Game Update 3.1: Conflict on Rishi

Rally three of your most trusted allies and return to the dangerous pirate haven of Rishi to fight through Level 60 Hard Mode versions of the two newest story-driven Flashpoints from the Shadow of Revan Digital Expansion, Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi. Plus, compete for glory and new rewards in PvP Season 4 – all in Game Update 3.1: Conflict on Rishi coming February 10th!

Prove your prowess and get rewarded with valuable mounts, decorations and more:

  • Tower over your enemies aboard an impressive Imperial KX-7 Command Walker or the Republic BA-2 Command Walker.
  • Collect the Massassi Gear Set, inspired by the fearsome Massassi Warriors of Yavin 4.
  • Use your new Illumination Probe Crate decoration to light the path in front of you as you take a stroll around your Stronghold or show off visually mesmerizing with the new Multi-state Mainframe Terminal.

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