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Welcome to Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated

Recently, James Ohlen, our Studio Creative Director, announced that we would be increasing the cadence of our releases for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and Game Update 1.5 carries out that promise! Just weeks after the release of Terror from Beyond, we bring you our next major update.

With this Game Update, we are extremely proud to bring you the re-imagination of one of our favorite characters from the universe of the Old Republic. BioWare has a long history of memorable companion characters, not the least of which is HK-47. With the release of Game Update 1.5, all players will have access to the newest model of this infamous Assassin Droid – HK-51. You begin your adventure to find HK-51 in the new mission area called Section X and must complete a set of compelling missions to ultimately unlock HK-51 for use as a fully featured companion character.

Additionally, we are introducing a brand new mission area called Section X, where players can find daily challenges to satiate their appetite for more adventure. In Game Update 1.5 we will also be adding Nightmare Mode for Operation: Explosive Conflict that will certainly give our end game players something to puzzle over for a while.

On the technical side, we recently previewed a shader update that will make the game even more beautiful.

Last, but certainly not least, our Free-to-Play option has arrived! For players who want to experience the dynamic world of Star Wars: The Old Republic without committing to a monthly fee, there is a truly viable option to experience all of the incredible content the game has to offer. Free-to-Play players can now play all eight classes up to level 50 without committing to a monthly fee. We also now have our Cartel Market up and running so players can purchase unique items like the Gamorrean Axe or Cartel Packs that hold fantastic treasures such as the Kowakian Monkey Lizard and the Overlord’s Command Throne, in addition to allowing Free-to-Play folks the opportunity to purchase unlocks for Free-to-Play restrictions .

This is a truly awesome update and we are very proud of it. Hopefully you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating this content. As promised, expect one more significant Game Update before the year is out! More details soon…

Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer

Blaine Christine, Sr. Producer