Game Update 7.5 "Desperate Defiance" Recap and VOD

If you were unable to watch-or if you want a recap of everything we showed during our Game Update 7.4.1 Livestream, don't worry! Below is a VOD and breakdown of what we showed, including timestamps for the different segments of our livestream.

Timestamp 00:00

Eric Musco, Lead Game Producer, and Jackie Ko, Community Manager, discuss a list of features for the 7.5 stream.

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Timestamp 05:00

7.5 brings the next chapter of the story, “Desperate Defiance”. Padawan Sa’har Kateen asks the player for help in a risky mission to retrieve Darth Nul’s holocron, turning on Heta Kol, her brother Ri’kan, and the Hidden Chain.

Timestamp 12:50

Coming back to Hutta meant showing something familiar but also new. The team has also been hard at work modernizing many parts of Hutta that not only appear in the Minboosa District, but in the original areas of Hutta as well.  

Timestamp 18:00

With 7.5 we will be introducing the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival! Players will return to Dantooine to help restore old farmland and enjoy daily and weekly missions that involve rescuing creatures, baking pies, and much more!

Timestamp 26:50

Players who have completed all of Lane Vizla’s missions can begin the Basilisk Prototype Venture. This new system involves training and bonding with their very own Basilisk Companion! Meet B3-S1!

Timestamp 36:45

PvP Season 6 “Great Pirate Hunt” will begin with 7.5 launch. PvP seasons will now be directly tied to when an update goes live. See all the changes coming to PvP Seasons here.

Timestamp 42:05

New items are coming to the Cartel Market including the Refined Mentor Armor and the Fallen Master Hair and Beard customizations inspired by Baylan Skoll!

Timestamp 44:15

The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event is coming July 9th! Here’s a look at the new High Stakes Squadron Helmet that can be obtained from the Emperor’s Grace machine!

Timestamp 48:15

Celebrate May 4th early! From today until May 16th, players can log into to get a BX-24 mini pet droid inspired by The Phantom Menace, enjoy a Double XP event, 50% off Collections Unlock sale, and a variety of sales throughout the Cartel Market including items inspired by The Mandalorian!

The Public Test Server is now open! Players will be able to test out the Basilisk Prototype Venture system and the Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Missions. More details can be found here!

Game Update 7.5 is coming this spring!

We look forward to sharing Game Update 7.5 "Desperate Defiance" with all our players soon! Keep an eye on and our social channels for future updates!