7.5 Content is now available on the Public Test Server!

Players can now test 7.5 content on the Public Test Server (PTS). In this iteration of testing, the following content will be available for players: 

  • The Basilisk Prototype Venture System
  • Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event Missions!

Story content will not be available to avoid spoilers!

(B3-S1 teaser video)

Players who are new to the PTS will want to read this post first and follow the steps to download the server via the SWTOR launcher or Steam. 

Important things to note for 7.5 PTS testing: 

  • Character copy will be available as we want feedback on natural player experience 
  • There will be WIP markers present

We would love to hear what players think of the new Venture System and the new Spring Event! Relevant feedback threads will be available on the SWTOR Forums.

  • Basilisk Prototype Venture Thread
    • Players will want to ensure that the character they copy over has access to the Ruhnuk Dailies in order to  complete the Basilisk Prototype intro mission. 
    • It is important to note and reiterate that it will take time for players to completely unlock B3-S1. For PTS specifically, we want to know feedback on the overall process of training the Basilisk Prototype like completing the Dailies to repair the droid and upgrade her abilities. To set expectations, what players will see on the PTS are the beginnings of the venture only. 
  • Dantooine Spring Abundance Festival Event Missions Thread

For general feedback, players can use the announcement thread as a space to provide additional thoughts and bug reports not related to these specific topics. 

Need to catch up on the above? The 7.5 livestream VOD is now available to watch! 

See you on the Public Test Server! 

*PTS content is only available in English