7.4 Content is now available on the Public Test Server!

We recently hosted the Game Update 7.4: Chains in the Dark livestream on October 18th. The full recap can be found here.

Players can now test 7.4 content and provide initial feedback in our Public Test Server (PTS) sub-forums. Note that players will be blocked from experiencing any story content in this upcoming game update to prevent spoilers.

PTS is now open for players to check out the following content:

Daily Area on Ord Mantell

Players will be returning to Ord Mantell and will be able to explore a brand new area. This new landing zone is called the Kessan's Landing.

The following will be available for players to test:

  • Daily Missions
  • Geothermal Shielding Missions
  • World Boss named FR3-D0M
  • Galactic Trade Network overhaul
  • New gearing changes

(World boss, FR3-D0M)

Feedback threads for all of the above content can be found on the PTS sub-forums.

For details on how to access PTS read here.

**Please note that PTS is provided in English only.