Game Update 7.3 “Old Wounds” Livestream recap

If you were unable to watch-or if you want a recap of everything we showed during our Game Update 7.3 Livestream-we’ve got you covered! Below is a breakdown of what we showed, including timestamps for the different segments of our livestream.

Timestamp 05:08

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Timestamp 07:35

Narrative Director, Ashley Ruhl, and Lead Writer, Caitlin Sullivan Kelly talk about the new Old Wounds storyline and the story of a new Flashpoint called the “Shrine of Silence”. Players will be returning to Voss and explore a new area called the Interpreter’s Retreat.

Interpreter's Retreat.

Environment of Shrine of Silence Flashpoint.

Timestamp 21:28

Encounter Designer, Daniel Cefaratti, talks about the first boss players will encounter in the “Shrine of Silence”, the Corrupted Vorantikus.

Corrupted Vorantikus.

Timestamp 23:05

Encounter Designer, Victoria McCreary, and Community Manager, Jackie Ko reveal the final boss players will encounter in the Shrine of Silence” Flashpoint called The Curse.

The Curse (Concept).

Timestamp 28:00

Lead Game Producer, Eric Musco and Gameplay Designer, Shabir Dhillon, talk about PvP changes.

Sandstorm Soldier Armor Set.

Timestamp 34:19

System Designer, Joe Stramaglia, gives more insight on the credit economy initiative such as new taxes, additional features on the GTN, and a new commodity order system.

Timestamp 39:03

Players got a sneak peek of 7.3 Cartel Market items and rewards that can be obtained during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event.

Hermit's Vigil (Obi-Wan inspired blaster).

CP-2 Bryar Pistol (Cassian inspired blaster).

High Roller Skiff Mount.

Players will be able to jump into the Public Test Server in the coming days to experience new 7.3 content. Check out the PTS sub-forums here for more details.

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