PvP Season 2 “Piercing the Veil”

Thank you to all players who participated in the first PvP season following the PvP revamp and provided feedback.

PvP Season 2, “Piercing the Veil',” will be starting March 28th! Behind the scenes, dark forces are pulling strings and twisting the competition into a recruitment tool for an organization of assassins. Are competitors fighting for glory and prizes, or are they fighting for their lives? Let’s unveil the changes and new rewards players can expect in Season 2!

First up, we’re making slight changes to how Attacker and Defender medals are earned in a match. We are aiming to improve the quality of matches by encouraging players to play for the objective and play to win. Currently, these adjustments will only be deployed on the most popular map, the Alderaan Warzone, but we intend to roll out these changes to all the maps over time. Here are the details:

  • Defender points per tick have been increased to 700 points per tick (up from 500 points per tick).
  • Turret Control Zones have been increased.
  • When within the control zones of a turret controlled by the player’s team, they will receive 500 defender points when defeating a player.
  • When within the control zones of a turret controlled by the opposing team, players will receive 500 attacker points for every player they defeat.

You can find more information about these changes in our forum post (only available in English).

To allow players to focus on different PvP tasks, we’ve also reduced the requirements for the Arena Advocator and Warzone Warrior Achievements from 25 weekly completions to 12.

Like last season, players will still earn PvP Points by playing and completing PvP content. These points will be based on three criteria:

  • Types of match
  • Win/Loss
  • Amount of medals earned during the match. The amount of medals has been adjusted to improve the completion of the season:
    • To receive full credit for the match, players now only need to get 7 medals instead of 8.
    • The associated objectives that referenced 8 medals now only require 7 as well.

    Here are the updated PvP points charts on how many points players can get from participating in Warzones and Arenas:

  • Warzone

    Warzone Win Warzone Loss
    7 or more medals 24 8
    6 medals 21 7
    5 medals 18 6
    4 medals 15 5
    3 medals 12 4
    2 medals 8 3
    1 medal 4 2
    0 medal 0 0


    Arena Win Arena Loss
    7 or more medals 12 4
    6 medals 10 3
    5 medals 8 3
    4 medals 6 2
    3 medals 4 2
    2 medals 3 1
    1 medal 2 1
    0 medal 0 0

    In addition to this medal change, we made adjustments to matchmaking so that large groups are more likely matched up against each other. More information in this post.

    PvP Season 2 rewards

    Similar to the previous season, there is no distinction between the non-subscriber and subscriber tracks other than the number of Weekly Objectives they can complete. Players will get 4 (6 for subscribers) Weekly Season Objectives during the Weekly Reset. Players earn PvP points by completing PvP Season Objectives or by playing matches to progress through the Season PvP rewards track.

    The Season PvP reward track will also be updated with new rewards themed around the new season, including the Shadowhand and Shadeveil Warrior’s Armor Sets, PvP Season 2 trophies, titles (“Mark of the Assassin” and “The Unseen”), and decorations.

    (From left to right: Shadowhand Armor Set and Shadeveil Warrior’s Armor Set.)

    (From left to right: PvP Season 2 Trophy (Small) and PvP Season 2 Trophy (Large).)

    (From left to right: Ancient Blades Display Stand and PvP Battler (Season 2).)

    Seasonal Vendor


    From the beginning of the season, Tullek, the seasonal PvP vendor, will have their inventory updated with the new season rewards, including the Shadeveil Assassin’s Armor Set, Shadowfiend’s Armor Set, PvP Season 2 flags (red and blue), and Shadowhand Armor Display decoration. These items will be available until the end of the season and then moved to the PvP rewards vendor, Giradda the Hutt.

    (Shadowhand Armor Display decoration.)

    (From left to right: Shadowfiend Armor Set, Shadeveil Assassin’s Armor Set.)

    (From left to right: PvP Season Blue Flag (Season 2) and PvP Season Red Flag (Season 2).)

    Giradda the Hutt

    Rewards from the first PvP season, including the Cartel Enforcer’s Armor Set, Cartel Delegate’s Armor Set, and PvP Season 2 banners (red and blue), will be added to Giradda the Hutt’s inventory. Unlike other rewards in a rotation group, these ones will be permanently available in Giradda’s inventory.

    Item Cost
    Cartel Delegate’s Armor Set 6 PvP Season Tokens
    Cartel Enforcer’s Armor Set 6 PvP Season Tokens
    PvP Season 1 banner (red) 2 PvP Season Tokens
    PvP Season 1 banner (blue) 2 PvP Season Tokens

    Similar to the previous season, replicas and trophy decorations will be available in 4 rotation groups: A, B, C, and D. Each group will be active for 1 week and then cycle out for 3 weeks during the weekly reset on Tuesdays at 12:00 PM GMT/UTC (7:00 AM CT). More details on the rotation groups can be found in this article: PvP Revamp article.

    Players still have a few days to prepare for the next PvP Season! We’ll see you in the Arena and Warzone maps when the season begins.