New R-4 Anomaly Operation boss and Manaan Daily Area now on PTS

In a previous phase of PTS, players were able to test three of the R-4 Anomaly Operation bosses. As we head into the last phase for 7.1, players can now test out the next boss, Lady Dominique, on Story Mode.

In order to access this content on the PTS, follow the steps below:

  • Copy your level 80 character over to the Public Test Server
  • Head to Mek-Sha's Slugfall Harbor area
  • The northernmost ship dock will have a PTS Gear Vendor to get you equipped for the Operation. The entrance to which will be located at the end of the same pier

In addition to these bosses, players can also test the Manaan Daily Area! Follow these instructions to access this daily area:

  • Travel to the Manaan Invasion Zone via your Galaxy Map
  • Players will land in a new area
  • Near the taxi stand, players will find a mission board that will list out all relevant missions

Before diving into the PTS, we encourage our players to check out the following forum posts because they are packed with details and information surrounding plans around balance adjustments and the R-4 Anomaly Operation in general.

For details on how to access PTS and to leave feedback, read here.

Please note that PTS is provided in English only.