R-4 Anomaly Operation now on PTS

The doors for the R-4 Anomaly Operation have opened on the Public Test Server! Players can now experience and give their initial thoughts on three of the bosses they will encounter throughout the Operation. In order to access this content on the PTS:

  • Copy your level 80 character over to the Public Test Server.
  • Head to Mek-Sha's Slugfall Harbor area.
  • The northernmost ship dock will have a PTS Gear Vendor to get you equipped for the Operation. The entrance to which will be located at the end of the same pier.

Other updates will also be available to test on the PTS in the following weeks, including the remaining bosses for the R-4 Anomaly Operation and Manaan Daily area. Stay tuned for more PTS updates!

Please note that PTS is provided in English only.