Game Update 6.2.1 brings Amplifier changes! 

With the Onslaught Expansion, we introduced Amplifiers to add an extra level of depth for players to customize their characters. If you’re not familiar with this stat system, we invite you to check out our article about this subject here: Introduction to Amplifiers.

With Game Update 6.2.1, we’re bringing several changes to the current Amplifier system that we hope will improve player experience, including a reorganized user interface (UI), a better visual distinction between Amplifiers, Quality Locking, and a Weekly Cost Reset! Let’s see these changes in detail!

Improved User Interface

In order to enhance the readability of the Amplifier interface, we have changed the display into a tree-based view. Now you can collapse or expand each Amplifier in the list to better see which Amplifiers are available and their stat ranges. 

When you open your character sheet, the Amplifier list will now appear automatically and show precisely what Amplifiers are equipped. Selecting any Amplifier in that list will open up the Recalibration window, which allows you to recalibrate that Amplifier into something else.

The Recalibration window is where that tree-based view really shines! Now you’ll be able to quickly discern exactly what recalibration options you have for that particular Amplifier. All of this is meant to not only make the entire recalibration experience faster, but also much easier to understand.

Improved visibility

To give players better visibility and readability of Amplifiers, we ameliorate the distinction between Amplifiers and reorganize the qualities into more visuals groups. To do that, we introduce a new color to designate the Standard Quality (White). Under each Amplifiers category, all available Amplifiers will be now divided into five different tiers of qualities. Each tier is represented by a distinct color. White being the lowest tier and Gold, the highest:

  • Standard (White)
  • Premium (Green)
  • Prototype (Blue)
  • Artifact (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)

With this new classification, you’ll be able to effortlessly determine the value of your Amplifier based on the color, as each color/quality color now represents a smaller portion of the Amplifier and rarities overall power range. 

As shown in the following visual, the available Armormech Efficiency Amplifiers will no longer be classified under four groups of qualities, but five. 

As we only made visual changes to bring clarity to the Amplifiers, there was no modification on the Amplifiers values and chances to acquire specific Amplifiers. 

Greater chances for Amplifiers

Last but not least, we’re introducing Quality Locking! With Quality Locking, you will now be able to exchange credits to increase the chances of obtaining the Amplifiers you want.

On the Amplifier Recalibration window, if your Amplifier is Premium (Green) or higher (Blue, Purple, or Gold) you will have a new button at the bottom left to lock the quality. Clicking this lock will "lock" the quality of your current Amplifier, which then guarantees any future recalibrations will grant Amplifiers of that quality or higher. Taking advantage of this new feature will increase the credit cost of any future recalibrations for that specific Amplifier, depending on the selected quality. For example, there will be a larger credit fee for recalibration if an Amplifier is locked to Artifact quality versus one locked to Prototype. 

  • For example, if you lock the quality at Premium (Green) you can only receive amplifiers of Premium (Green) or higher (Blue, Purple, Gold). If you lock the quality at Legendary (Gold) you will only receive recalibration choices that are Legendary.

Despite the advantage of increased  chances of receiving a specific Amplifier, this new feature is costly due to the improvements it grants. Each time you re-roll an Amplifier, the cost is increased, up to 100 re-rolls.

But we didn’t want to make it too expensive for you to get the Amplifier you wanted, so we’ve coupled this change with another feature that will save you credits: the Weekly Cost Reset! With the Weekly Cost Reset, the recalibration cost will be reset to its starting cost each Tuesday!

If you locked your Amplifier at the Premium tier but the recalibrated Amplifiers don't suit you and the new recalibration price is too high, you just need to wait until the following Tuesday for the Weekly Cost Reset to try again.

All of these changes will be available with Game Update 6.2.1 on February 16th!