High Population Server Tech Testing

Hi folks,

In order to provide a better overall gameplay experience we’re getting ready to introduce new high population server tech that will allow us to significantly increase current server populations. Once we introduce new high population server tech, any characters remaining on an origin server will be moved to a high population destination server.

The first step in this process is opening up a new, temporary Public Test Server for testing. In order for us to successfully test this new tech, we need your help. To facilitate your participation we have copied all characters from our East Coast servers to this temporary Public Test Server. If you have any characters on an East Coast server, you can now log in to this special Public Test Server, find your copied characters, and begin testing this important feature today, September 13th.

Please help us test this by posting any bugs or strange issues that you may experience on our Public Test Server Forum. If you are already testing the Game Update 1.4 content on our normal Public Test Server, please do not worry: your characters will remain unaffected. All players will need to follow the instructions below in order to test the high population server tech.

  • Log in to the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ launcher using your username and password.
  • Click “Play” to launch the game.
  • Click the Server Selection button in the bottom left corner of the character creation screen.
  • Select the following server: “High Population Server Test”
  • Click Select.
  • Review your characters for any issues and click “Play”.

Please note, at this time, we will not be providing Customer Support for this test server. Attempts to file in-game tickets will result in an error message and will not be processed. Please use the Public Test Server Forums for feedback and any issues you may experience. All gameplay policies are still in place; inappropriate or abusive players will not be tolerated on the test server and we ask that you please report this behavior to Customer Support here.

Additionally, please remember that this is only a test and any naming conflicts are not reflective of the actual consolidation experience.

Your feedback and participation are truly appreciated.

Thank you for helping us test our high population server tech, see you on PTS!

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Team