Bouris Ulgo

Bouris Ulgo

The Self-Proclaimed King

Stiff and arrogant, Bouris Ulgo is nevertheless a patriot who believes himself the last sane noble on Alderaan. The head of the planet's fighting forces and a decorated Republic general, Ulgo anticipated a swift return to his farming estates after the Great War. To his surprise and dismay, he was not released from duty and the military was asked to remain on high alert as Alderaan's nobles played at politics.

Ulgo stood strong while Senator


Gaul Panteer, heir to the Alderaanian throne, declared the planet independent in an effort to force the Republic to make amends for signing the Treaty of Coruscant. Years later, Ulgo watched in horror as both the Crown Prince and the Queen met mysterious ends, leaving Alderaan leaderless and still officially outside the Republic.

It was only when a suspiciously ill-attended council of nobles
rushed through a law allowing
the return of House Thul that the long-suffering Ulgo acted. House
Thul was a noble house exiled for sedition and long suspected to be in the pocket of the Empire; as Imperial workers actually arrived on Alderaan to rebuild House Thul's estates, the planet's greatest general calmly declared martial law and informed the council of nobles they could cease squabbling about the succession. He would be their new king.

Then Bouris Ulgo began to go mad.