Fighting Style:  Single Lightsaber, Telekinetics

Tactical Role(s): Ranged Damage, Medicine/Healing

Sages are famed for their wisdom much as for their powerful healing and defensive skills. In troubled times, a Sage brings together the insight of the past with raw power to change the flow of galactic events.

  • Telekinetics

    Affords the power to distort reality and move waves of energy, tearing apart enemies.

    • Tidal Force

      Tidal Force


      Your Disturbance has a 30% chance and your Forcequake has a 9% chance when dealing damage to grant Tidal Force, immediately finishing the cooldown on Telekinetic Wave and reducing the cast time of your next Telekinetic Wave by 100%. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.
    • Telekinetic Momentum

      Telekinetic Momentum


      When you cast Disturbance or Telekinetic Wave, there is a 30% chance the ability will produce a second attack that strikes the same targets for 30% damage and no additional threat.
    • Kinetic Collapse

      Kinetic Collapse


      Your Force Armor has a 50% chance to explode in a concussive wave when it ends, incapacitating all nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Damage causes this effect to the end prematurely.
  • Seer

    Allows the Sage to master the art of using the Force to heal and protect allies

    • Resplendence



      Reduces the cooldown of Revitalize by 2 minutes. In addition, your Healing Trance crits have a 100% chance to make your next Noble Sacrifice not degenerate your Force and spend no health.
    • Healing Trance

      Healing Trance

      Channeled: 3 secs

      Cooldown: 9 secs
      Range: 30m
      Heals a target for 469 immediately and a further 469 per second for 3 seconds.
    • Conveyance



      Increase your bonus healing by 2% and chance to hit with all abilities by 1%.
    • Force Shelter

      Force Shelter


      Increases the duration of Rejuvenate by 3 seconds. In addition, Rejuvenate has a 50% chance to apply the Force Shelter effect to its targets, increasing armor rating by 10% for the duration of Rejuvenate.
  • Balance (shared)

    Enhances the Sage’s Force attacks and augments the Shadow's Force and Lightsaber abilities..

    • Containment



      Lowers the cast time of Force Lift by 100%. In addition, when your Force Lift breaks early from damage, the target is stunned for 2 seconds.
    • Presence of Mind

      Presence of Mind


      When your Telekinetic Throw deals damage, you have a 30% chance to cause your next Force damaging attack with a cast time to cast instantly and deal 20% more damage.
    • Pinning Resolve

      Pinning Resolve


      Reduces the cooldown of Force Stun by 5 seconds. In addition, your Force Lift affects up to 1 additional standard or weak enemy within 8 meters of the target.