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The Epic Story XP Boost

Hello everyone, let’s talk about the Epic Story XP Boost and how it’s an improvement over our 12x boost that we gave prior to Shadow of Revan.

Our Epic Story XP Boost allows all subscribers to level from 1-50 by playing only their Class Missions and from 50-55 on Makeb by playing only the Rise of the Hutt Cartel main storyline. This Boost does not affect Shadow of Revan as it was already designed to be a more streamlined leveling experience. If you have never played the original 8 Class stories, there has never been a better time to dive in!

With the Epic Story XP Boost we have made some exciting improvements over our initial 12x offering from last fall.  These improvements include travel, itemization, and quality of life changes.  Here are the details on some of those changes:

  • All Class Missions now reward a lot more Basic Commendations than before, allowing you to stay geared as you level. Also, Modifications for your gear have had their Commendation costs reduced.
  • All Taxi Destinations are unlocked for all players. Allowing you to get around on each planet much easier.
  • Quick Travel Bind points are now automatically unlocked whenever you reveal that region. No longer will you miss a Bind point.
  • The cooldown on the Quick Travel ability has been reduced. If you are a subscriber with all 3 Legacy unlocks, you can get the Quick Travel cooldown all the way to 0. We put the “Quick” back into Quick Travel.
  • The cooldown on Emergency Fleet Pass and Transport: Personal Starship have also been reduced. Just like Quick Travel for subscribers, if you have all 3 levels of Legacy unlock you can get those cooldowns all the way down to 0.

As you can see, the Epic Story XP Boost not only brings a huge boost to the experience you gain from Class Missions, it provides big improvements to how you travel around the Galaxy. With great quality of life improvements to both travel and staying geared while leveling, the Epic Story XP Boost is the best time ever to play through all of our great Class stories.

If you are the type of player that wants to play through without an experience boost, to not accelerate your leveling experience through the Epic Story XP Boost, there is an option for that as well. Simply visit your Faction’s respective fleet and purchase the White Acute Module (it costs 0 credits). Upon using this consumable, it will suppress the effects of the Epic Story XP Boost for 8 hours. You can simply right click the White Acute Module “buff” at any time during the 8 hours to turn it off.

The Epic Story XP Boost will be live for all Subscribers as of Monday, May 4th. This boost will remain active for all subs into this Fall.

Eric Musco
Community Manager