Learn the Basics of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

Star Wars: The Old Republic should be a comfortable and easy-to-learn experience from the moment you first log in, but if you’re new to the game, you might want some pointers on how to play. The tutorials below are short and simple. They will introduce you to everything from the fundamentals of moving around in the game to the steps involved in choosing your advanced class and crew skills. We hope you’ll find the videos to be useful and informative.

Tutorial 1: Movement

Discover the basics of controlling your character by learning how to move with the keyboard, and control the camera with your mouse.

Tutorial 1: Movement

Move your character around the game.
Discover the basics of controlling your character by learning how to move with the keyboard, and control the camera with your mouse.

Tutorial 2: Missions

Locate and take missions from characters in the galaxy.
Missions are available from many characters throughout all corners of the galaxy. See how you can locate and accept a mission.

Tutorial 3: World Map

Find mission objectives and points of interest near you.
Your world map can guide you to mission locations, vendors, and other points of interest. Learn how to use your World Map to navigate your way around the galaxy.

Tutorial 4: Class Story and Group Areas

Identify each area barrier and what they mean
Throughout your journey, you will encounter different colored barriers. Discover the meaning behind each of the color-coded barriers, and how you can access the areas they seal.

Tutorial 5: Basic Combat

Engage in battle and discover the essentials of combat.
You will do battle against some of the most dangerous enemies in the galaxy. Learn about engaging in combat, from identifying enemies to using ranged and melee abilities.

Tutorial 6: Loot

Learn the basics of looting defeated enemies.
As you defeat enemies in combat, you will be able to collect dropped items from them. See how to loot enemies, and learn the difference between loot qualities.

Tutorial 7: Inventory and Equipment

View your inventory and equip new items.
Examine the items you have in your inventory and learn how to equip new or more powerful weapons, armor and other equipment.

Tutorial 8: Chatting with Other Players

Use the in-game chat to communicate with other players.
The chat window is your way of communicating with other players in-game. Learn how to chat with players, change chat channels, and access other chat features and functions.

Tutorial 9: Grouping with Other Players

Create and join groups to take on challenging enemies with others.
Join with friends and other players, to take on some of the most challenging content in The Old Republic.

Tutorial 10: Taxis

Discover, unlock, and use Taxi locations.
Taxis are scattered across each planet, and allow you to quickly travel from one side of the world to the next. This video will show you how to unlock and use a Taxi station.

Tutorial 11: Light Side and Dark Side Points

Learn about your light side and dark side points.
Choices you make will earn you light side or dark side points. See how you can identify your choices, your total light side and dark side points,, and the importance these points play.

Tutorial 12: Leveling Up

Gain experience and learn new abilities when you gain levels.
As you complete missions and defeat enemies, you will earn experience and gain levels. This tutorial will show you where to go to learn new abilities.

Tutorial 13: Vendors

Locate vendors to buy, sell, and repair your gear.
Vendors have set up shop across the galaxy, ready to sell you useful items and buy your old items and junk you’ve looted in your travels.

Tutorial 14: Defeat

See how you can rejoin the fight after being defeated.
In combat, you are defeated when your health reaches zero. This tutorial explains the different options at your disposal when you are defeated in combat.

Tutorial 15: Quick Travel

Use Quick Travel to instantly transport yourself across a planet.
See how you can quickly travel to almost any location on your current planet by utilizing the Quick Travel system.

Tutorial 16: Companion Characters

Choose what tactics your companions use in combat.
Your Companion Characters will stand by your side throughout your journeys. Learn how to choose their combat style and what abilities they use in battle.

Tutorial 17: PvP Warzones

Queue for Warzones to play against other players.
Warzones allow you to face off against other players in direct combat. Learn how to queue for a Warzone, and how to use the different Warzone options.

Tutorial 18: Advanced Classes

Preview and Select your Advanced Class.
At level 10, you’ll need to select your character’s Advanced Class. This video will tell you how to preview your Advanced Classes and choose which best suits your play style.

Tutorial 19: Skill Trees

Spend Skill Points to learn new skills and abilities.
As you level up, you’ll spend skill points too customize your character’s abilities and combat strengths. Learn how to select skills and how to reset your points if you want to change your play style.

Tutorial 20: Crew Skills

Learn different Crew Skills to earn materials, credits, and gifts.
Discover how to learn Crew Skills and use your Companions to gather resources, craft items, or undertake their own missions for equipment and credits.

Tutorial 21: Flashpoints

See how to join a group and play through a Flashpoint.
Flashpoints are challenging, story-driven missions for groups of multiple players. Learn how to tackle these missions with a team.

Tutorial 22: Galaxy Map

Use your Galaxy Map to travel the galaxy.
Understanding your Galaxy Map is essential to traveling the stars and exploring new worlds. Learn to use the galaxy map to fly your starship to new planets and obscure space stations.

Tutorial 23: Space Combat

Learn how to take a space combat mission and pilot your starship.
Learn the basics of Space Combat, from acquiring a space combat mission to piloting and fighting with your starship.

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