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#SWTOR Cartel Market Newest Additions: Week of December 11

Get your hands on some Cartel Coins and check out new items live in the Cartel Market this week!

Choose your loyalties and jump into battle in Game Update 5.10: Jedi Under Siege armed with the latest gear including the Elite Guard Bundle, Jedi Tau Idair’s Lightsaber, Koensayr Dart Mount and more!

Available Now!
  • Not for the faint of heart, the Elite Guard Bundle features the Crimson Talon’s Armor Set and the Twisted Fang Lightsaber.


  • Charge into your next battle equipped with Jedi Tau Idair’s Lightsaber and channel the resilience of this up and coming Jedi leader.

Koensayr Dart Mount
Available Now!
  • New from Koensayr Manufacturing, this top of the line model comes equipped with a unique flourish! Will you cruise around with the sleek design or rocket across the terrain with the engines revving?

Available Now!
  • Take your place among the galaxy’s fiercest fighters in the new Elite Gunner’s Armor Set.

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  • Jedi Knight Fountain Shrine
  • Jedi Master Fountain Shrine
  • Jedi Padawan Fountain Shrine
  • Ossan Orrery
  • Small Jedi Knight Fountain Shrine
  • Small Jedi Master Fountain Shrine
  • Small Jedi Padawan Fountain Shrine
  • Shady Gambler Dye Module
  • Double Agent Dye Module
  • Festive Snowfall
  • Crimson Talon's Armor Set
  • Fieldtech Gunner's Armor Set
  • Twisted Fang
  • Twisted Fang Dualsaber
  • Vulptilla
  • Advanced Frost White Eviscerating Crystal
  • Advanced Frost White Indestructible Crystal
  • Advanced Frost White War Hero's Crystal
  • Advanced Frost White Hawkeye Crystal
  • Rascal's Way
  • Flair: Sign of the Ancient Jedi
  • Fireworks Celebration Backpack
  • Weapons Display: Satele Shan's Dualsaber
  • … and more!