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Sisters of Carnage: Aivela and Esne

As the latest addition to the Gods of the Machine Operation in the ‘Sisters of Carnage’ Game Update, superweapons Aivela and Esne offer a new challenge. While the twin-sister droids appear similar, they each have different strengths that cover the other’s weaknesses. Enemies on the battlefield are forced to change tactics on the fly or suffer a quick defeat.

Before challenging the sisters, players will need to have reached the max level of 70 and have already defeated the God of Rage, Tyth. After this, players will be able to band together in a team of 8 or 16 allies, and once again defend the Galaxy!

Preparing for an Operation

For both new and veteran players alike, Operations include some of the most difficult challenges in The Old Republic. While Aivela and Esne are the newest threat, there are plenty of other exciting Operations with their own unique challenges. If you’ve never joined in an Operation before here are some tips to consider:

  • Reach Character Level 50 or above – You’ll first be able to join some Operations after reaching level 50, with more being made available at higher levels. For players who want to start out with a high-level character right away, you can use an Outlander Character Token to create a Level 60 or 65 character immediately. Premium players (Subscribers) receive one free Outlander Character Token; additional tokens can be purchased in the Cartel Market.
  • Choose Your Class Role – Operations will require a balance of Healers, Damage Dealers, and Tanks to survive! The role you choose will play a major part of how you contribute to the group, so be sure to understand your Discipline and how it contributes to the group.
  • Get Geared Up – Like your level, you want to keep in mind the quality of your gear. Pay attention to the gear rating first, as this tells you the overall quality of the item. Different gear will also help to boost your performance in each Class Role, for example a Tank will want to find gear that boosts their endurance so that they are able to take more damage than their base level allows.
  • Consider the Difficulty Level – All Operations come in at least 2 difficulty levels, Story Mode and Veteran Mode, with some including an even more difficult Master Mode. If you’re starting your first Operation or if it’s been awhile, it’s recommended to start with Story Mode before diving into the more difficult modes. Certain Operations are easier than others as well, with Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace generally being the best for new Operation players.
  • Rally Your Team – You’ll need a team of at least 8 other players to start an Operation, as they are too dangerous to attempt alone. The Group Finder tool located on the in-game mini-map is a good way to find others attempting an Operation. If you are level 70, you can also queue up for an Operation through the Galactic Command interface by pressing CTRL+G by default, or by clicking on the Galactic Command icon which is located at the top of your screen. For some of the harder Operations you’ll need a group that you communicate well with, in which case joining a Guild is a great way to meet and get to know other players!
  • Teamwork and Strategy - In addition to your character being at the appropriate character level, having high quality gear and joining with other players, Operations also require sound strategy and problem solving. Different enemies have different abilities and attacks that can change the course of battle, and determining the best way to deal with these will play a large role in determining your success.

In addition to various puzzles, boss fights will take place in different “Phases”. Essentially the boss’s attacks and strategies will change drastically during battle. To be successful in an Operation, it will take some practice to skillfully react to surprises and avoid a quick death. How you and your team work together to overcome the challenges of each Phase is a major part of battling through Operations.

Consider Joining a Guild

Since Operations require players to form groups and work well together, it’s important to find like-minded players to team up with. Guilds are a great way to do this, and many will schedule times to get together to jump in to Operations. By joining a Guild with other players who have similar interests and schedules, you’ll always have a solid group to run through an Operation with!

Guilds offer added benefits in other areas of the game as well. All guild members benefit from a Guild XP Bonus. XP is the experience you earn doing almost any activity in the game, and the amount of XP you gain determines what level you are. The faster you can earn XP the faster you can level up to take on greater challenges!

When starting out in Operations or any other group activities, Guilds offer a great place to learn from players who are already more experienced or to just share strategies and tips to advance faster!

To find out more about the benefits of being in a Guild, check out our Guild Page here.

The Payoff

Operations may present the biggest challenges in the game, but they also offer the best rewards! Defeating Operation bosses earns you Unassembled Gear, which you can turn in to vendors for the best gear in the game. While high level gear can help you take on more challenges later on, there are also unique decorative items that you can earn only by defeating Operation bosses. These rewards offer a great way to show off your achievements to other players!

This week, you can earn bonus Command XP in Operations on Tuesday, July 18th, Thursday, July 20th, and Saturday, July 22nd. Earn more Command XP to get Command Crates that contain all kinds of rewards for your character!

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