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250% Bonus XP + Command XP Events Are Here!

BioWare™ and Lucasfilm today announced the start of two exciting experience boost events. From February 7 to April 10, players can get DOUBLE the Experience Points PLUS a 250% boost to Command XP when they reach Level 70!

250% Bonus XP Event:

  • From story missions to PvP Warzones to Starfighter battles, level up at 2.5x the speed -- up to Level 70!
  • Looking to get an even greater boost? Grab a few additional XP Boosts from the Cartel Market:

250% Bonus Command XP Event:

  • Level up through your Command Ranks faster than ever before with a 250% experience boost once you reach Level 70! Watch the Command Crates roll in as you gear up with the most powerful items the galaxy has to offer.
  • Play the Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion to unlock Galactic Command at Level 70! Find out more:
Find out more about this month’s action-packed In-Game Events schedule!
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