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STAR WARS: The Old Republic Fan Friday

Members of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community constantly inspire us with their enthusiasm. We have tons of creative, talented community members, and we’ll continue our tradition of highlighting some of our favorites in this week’s article. Enjoy the excellent fan art and fiction!

We’ve also created some great new smilies and avatars for everyone to use on our forums, and have a special event announcement to share.

Don’t miss this month’s Studio Insider for an in-depth look at the design of the Agent starship and more Community Q&A answers.

Community Creations

Over the last three decades Star Wars™ has inspired amazing fan creations across the globe, and our community has played a role by making some incredible contributions!

Don’t hesitate to share your talents with us on the community forums! In each Fan Friday, we feature impressive new art and fiction directly from the community.

Fan Art

Greighson from our forum community created some stellar Sith-themed propaganda. Really excellent work!

Crypticgrrl’s detailed close-up portraits are quite evocative. We hope to see more great digital paintings from her!

Fan Fiction

Let me tell you a little about Master Sergeant Coltan. He's the kind of man who, if he told you that you could not only walk on the surface of a star and not get burnt but also give that star a noogie, you would nod and ask if he thought you needed a vac suit or not. When Master Sergeant Coltan crosses a street, starships in orbit stop moving just in case they accidentally bump into him and make him stumble. So if he says he has no idea how to bring this lot into fighting trim, then it means I haven't been buggering up my job.Read more of Final Ex by Kharnis!

This week’s Fan Fiction spotlights community member Kharnis’ story, Final Ex. This must-read tale of a Republic Trooper Sergeant and his companions as they train natives on a small planet is action-packed and full of memorable, likeable characters. Enjoy!

Event Announcement!

We’re excited to announce that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be present at PAX East this year! More details will be made available soon on the Events page. PAX East takes place in Boston, Massachusetts from March 11th to March 13th. You can learn more about PAX East by visiting the PAX website.

Concept Art

This week, we’ve dug up concept art for three planets in the game to share with you: Dromund Kaas, Tatooine, and Belsavis. We hope you’ll enjoy these detailed, rich images!


This week, we’re happy to introduce this expressive group of Trandoshan smilies to the forums! We know you’ll put them to good use. To use a smiley, click “More” in the Smilies section off to the right when creating a post. From there simply click on the smiley of your choice.


Forum Avatars

New avatars based on our Biographies are now available for your profile. We’ve added Darth Jadus, High Chancellor Janarus, Jewl’a Nightbringer, and Tanno Vik to the avatar collection. Learn more about these characters in the Biographies section of the site!

To use one of these new avatars, log in, go to My Account, and click Avatar. From there, navigate through the pages until you find the avatar of your choice.


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