Developer Blogs


Welcome to Game Update 2.8: Spoils of War!

Hello! I’m thrilled to tell you about our latest release, Game Update 2.8: Spoils of War. With this update we hope to give you plenty of different activities to while away your summer. We’re kicking things off with some increased Galactic Starfighter rewards – you’ll get double Fleet Requisition & Credits for completing GSF matches. This will last 3 weeks until 2.8.1 hits, at which time we’ll switch our focus over to Warzones and double your Commendations & Credits for completing those matches.

Our retinue of in-game events will be seen throughout 2.8, including our regularly scheduled Bounty Hunter events, the Gree event, and a full week of Double XP over the 4th of July holiday! Thankfully, due to your valiant participation last time, the Rakghoul epidemic on Alderaan was completely contained. This means we can look forward to a relaxing summer, free of those irksome Rakghouls.

I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to introduce you to a new event, which is themed specifically around Soovada (Huttese for Spoils of War). Soovada is an annual celebration of total extravagance in the Hutt culture. Rival clans go to great lengths to prove they are monetarily superior to one another by holding decadent celebrations & competitions. Nar Shaddaa fits the bill perfectly for this kind of gala, so we’ve given you a place to try your luck at winning fabulous prizes. The rewards are many and lavish, including a new Rancor mount, themed casino outfits, and more.

Finally, we’ve done something that I think is really special. Gaining access to Operation content will get much easier in 2.8, as you’ll be able to queue in Group Finder for Story Mode Ops. You’ll be Bolstered up to the necessary rating, regardless of your gear, which means you’ll only have to satisfy the necessary level requirements in order to participate. Operations are some of our most sensational content and I’m excited to be able to give more of our players an opportunity to experience them.

See you in game!

Andrew Horwitz
Associate Producer