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HoloNet News Exclusive Interview: Baron Deathmark

In yet another HoloNet News exclusive, chief correspondent Lamalla Rann sits down once again with sports icon and renowned Huttball host Baron Deathmark, who discusses the newly announced Arena of Death on the planet Makeb and gives fans a glimpse of the carnage they can expect in this new setting.

LAMALLA RANN: Baron Deathmark, thank you for joining us one more time. Since the last time we spoke, the Arenas of Death have really taken off – they’re a huge hit among blood sport aficionados. How has that gone over with your boss, Giradda the Hutt?

BARON DEATHMARK: I’m sure it’s no surprise, Lamalla – Giradda has been one happy Hutt. With all of the extra credits coming in, he’s been able to add three more feasts to his daily routine!

LR: That brings him up to fourteen, doesn’t it? Giradda must have a very busy schedule!

BD: Not to mention his cooks!

LR: Let’s get straight to it: your newest Arena is located on the planet Makeb. That’s a choice that’s left many of our viewers surprised, given the planet’s recent geological instabilities – why choose it for your next locale?

BD: Well, I’m pretty sure those groundquake stories have been exaggerated a bit, but it’s definitely true that Makeb’s been through a tough time. You know, Giradda just sees that as an opportunity – the evacuations have left us plenty of empty space, and high-profile sporting events are a great way to rejuvenate the local economy. We think it’s important that our Arenas of Death give a little something back, after all.

LR: A charitable goal we can all get behind! Do you think you can give me a tour?

BD: You bet, Lamalla – Giradda has even offered up his personal viewing barge for the ride!

LR: So you and Giradda will be viewing all of the action from here?

BD: Yep. Even after all these years, Giradda loves to get in for a personal view of the action.

LR: Tell me about the force fields.

BD: Well, when we did our first test runs, viewers got tired of watching the players falling off the sides of all those cliffs. It just gets a little same-old, same-old, you know? So we threw in the force fields to make sure every kill you see is hands-on and one of a kind!

LR: You know your audience! Now, can you tell me anything about those glowing canisters I’m seeing spread around?

BD: I’m glad you asked! I’ve seen a few suspicious postings out there saying this is all just a front for us to mine more of Makeb’s natural resources and sneak them out in canisters like those. It’s a load of bunk, Lamalla! They’re just props we threw in to add a bit more atmosphere – nothing more.

LR: Straight from the source, people! This looks like it’s sure to be home to even more of the exciting action that Arena fans have come to enjoy so much, Baron. Let’s wrap up with one last question: a lot of fans are worried that all of this Arena action is overshadowing their first love, Huttball. How do you respond to that?

BD: Huttball fans have nothing to worry about, Lamalla! We’re going to be ratcheting the game up to the next level very soon!

LR: Any hints for what we can expect?

BD: If you want to watch in person, buy a breath mask with whatever it is you like to breathe – you’re gonna need it!

LR: A thrilling hint at things to come! That’s all we have time for today, folks. Big thanks to our return guest, Baron Deathmark. Across the galaxy and into your world, I’m Lamalla Rann for Holonet News!