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Facilities: Take a Virtual Tour

Welcome to CZ-198! This virtual tour will give you an exclusive sneak-peek into Czerka Corporation’s most advanced and exciting product development facility.

CZ-198 is located on an exotic and beautiful moon. Though it’s a little ways off the beaten path, the facility’s lavish recreational and living quarters make employees feel right at home, and the sunset is truly breathtaking!

A sophisticated rail system keeps the entire facility connected, moving people, supplies, and finished products wherever they need to go. Our central supply and shipping yard uses automated processes developed right at CZ-198 to ensure maximum efficiency and quick delivery, whether it’s bringing in some of the cafeteria’s delicious meal ingredients or sending out a shipment of state-of-the-art Czerka products to our eager customers!

The Atrium is just one of the many beautiful architectural details incorporated into CZ-198’s open and welcoming floorplan. Throughout every workday, many of the most brilliant minds at Czerka can be found meeting up here to discuss their work and develop innovative solutions to the needs of the galaxy’s consumers.

The Seario Memorial Showroom collects just a few of the incredible products developed by the dedicated staff of CZ-198. Each item represents thousands of hours of meticulous research and experimentation: “a loving tribute to the exceptional work of Czerka Corporation’s beloved employees.”

At the Czerka Corporation, safety and security are always a top priority. Cutting edge technology and constant vigilance ensure that every member of CZ-198’s staff is safe and accounted for. When you’re in the Czerka family, there’s always someone looking out for you!

Czerka products are designed to be used and enjoyed in every environment in the galaxy. A series of sophisticated biodomes allow CZ-198 scientists to test their creations under authentic user conditions, with a dazzling array of plant and animal specimens gathered from planets near and far!

Czerka Corporation has been a pioneer in the bioweapons industry since its founding, and CZ-198 is leading the charge of innovation in this exciting and dynamic field. Our facility has the most sophisticated specimen observation and testing laboratories ever developed, ensuring that phenomenal new developments can be made in an atmosphere of utmost safety.

At the heart of CZ-198, one of the galaxy’s most advanced power generators provides for the full energy needs of the entire facility, allowing our staff to conduct their groundbreaking research without concern for resource limitations. Simply put, no experiment is off-limits at CZ-198 – our brilliant scientists’ developments are limited only by their imaginations!

Our virtual tour ends here, but your enjoyment of Czerka’s unparalleled innovations doesn’t have to! Visit any of our state-of-the-art storefronts to explore the many Czerka products that can improve your life, regardless of your budget!

And don’t forget to check back soon, when we’ll be sharing more information on one of Czerka’s special executives, and perhaps even discovering a few of the many insightful management techniques he’s used to propel CZ-198 and its employees to the forefront of Czerka Corporation’s research and development division!