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Developer Blog: Cartel Reputation

In Game Update 1.7: Return of the Gree, we released our exciting Legacy Reputation System, allowing players various rewards for their interactions with many different organizations across the galaxy. Now, with Game Update 1.7.2, the nefarious Hutt Cartel wants a cut of the action.

The Contraband Resale Corporation

Representatives from the Contraband Resale Corporation have convinced officials from both Republic and Imperial Fleets to allow them to set-up business. The Cartel's blockade of Makeb has created some exceptional business opportunities for everyone, including a brand new Shipment from the Cartel - the Contraband Packs.

The Contraband Resale Corporation is looking for ways to reward its most frequent customers by tracking the Reputation they gain. Players increase their Reputation with the Corporation through the acquisition of the new Contraband Packs. Within each Contraband Pack, players will find Reputation items desired by the Contraband Resale Corporation; the collection and use of these 'trophies' will increase your Reputation.

Related to these 'trophies' (Confiscated Artwork, Prohibited Medical Supplies, Banned Holovids), rare "Cartel Market Certificates" may be found in some Contraband Packs. These rare Certificates can be exchanged for highly-desired rewards.

The Goods

The Contraband Resale Corporation is pleased to barter with their most frequent customers. However, nothing with the Hutts is ever free. For a small amount of Credits, players can purchase exclusive Vehicles, Companion Skins, Armor - and the ever-popular Resplendent Crown of Avarice. However, only the most dedicated supporters of the Corporation are allowed to wear a crown this...resplendent.

The Contraband Resale Corporation is also aware that a number of players were unable to acquire some highly sought-after items from the Cartel's first Shipment: Cartel Packs. The Corporation has "acquired" a number of these items for direct sale to their supporters for a small cost of Credits and a number of Cartel Market Certificates. The Corporation believes the Cartel's ability to supply Cartel Packs is soon ending - at least for a period of time- and will always ensure a selection of prized Cartel Pack items are available from their vendors.

Finally, the Cartel has removed a number of items from the Cartel Market. These items are currently under Embargo and there is no information on when the Cartel will allow them for sale again from the Cartel Market. However, since there are always Credits to be made, the Contraband Resale Corporation has similarly "acquired" many of these embargoed items for sale for a small Credits cost. These items are not guaranteed to be available forever.


What is the Cartel Market Reputation System?

We’ve added the Cartel Market Reputation System as a way of rewarding players who purchase multiple packs within a Shipment. Each Shipment will have its own Reputation track.

What is a Shipment?

A Shipment is a set of packs that share a thematic name (for example, Cartel Packs or Contraband Packs). Each Shipment will be available in the Cartel Market for a limited time. At some point, all packs within a shipment will be embargoed.

What does it mean when a pack is embargoed?

When a pack is embargoed it means that the pack will be temporarily removed from the Cartel Market. Embargoed packs and/or items from a Shipment may be made available to players at a future date. Prior notice will be provided if packs/items are to be permanently embargoed.

How do I acquire Cartel Market Reputation?

Players will gain Reputation with a Cartel Market organization by purchasing packs from a Shipment and consuming the Cartel Market Reputation Trophy or found in some packs.

Is there a Cartel Market Reputation Trophy in every pack?

Every Contraband Pack moving forward drops a new type of item. This item is most commonly a Cartel Market Reputation Trophy but will sometimes be a very rare Cartel Market Certificate.

What is the Contraband Resale Corporation?

The Contraband Resale Corporation is a new organization within the Reputation systems. Just like with the Gree and the Voss, players can progress their Reputation with the organization to secure unique in-game rewards.

Why do I want to progress my Contraband Resale Corporation Reputation?

Progressing this Reputation track will give you access to unique, embargoed (items temporarily unavailable), and even some rare bonus items from the Shipment 1: Cartel Packs, purchasable with in-game Credits and Cartel Market Certificates.

Are embargoed items gone from the Cartel Market forever?

We reserve the right to bring any embargoed item back to the Cartel Market at any time.

How do I progress my Contraband Resale Corporation Reputation after the Shipment of Contraband Packs is embargoed?

Cartel Market packs may be found on the GTN during embargo periods, but the Shipment, or individual packs, may return to the Cartel Market at some point in the future.

Are Contraband Packs the only way to gain Reputation with the Contraband Resale Corporation?

Currently, yes. As always, we will be listening to player feedback and reserve the right to adapt how this Reputation is advanced.