Date Night Companion Missions debuting with Game Update 7.4.1!

During the Game Update 7.4.1 livestream, Narrative Director, Ashley Ruhl, and Lead Writer, Caitlin Sullivan Kelly, announced a new narrative feature that will be debuting in Game Update 7.4.1. 

Date Night Companion Missions are designed to give players personal time with their love interests. These weekly repeatable Alliance Alert missions feature fully-voiced, cinematic-only scenes that are unique to the partner’s interest, whether that's going out for drinks at the cantina, a thought-provoking game of Dejarik, or maybe even some sparring practice.

For the launch of Date Night in 7.4.1, we're starting with four companions that are available to all players. They include SIS agent Theron Shan, Sith Lord Lana Beniko, Zakuulan captain Koth Vortena, and former Eternal Emperor Arcann, each with their own unique scene that exemplifies their character. These Date Night missions will be available to players who are currently in a romance with these characters, and only when the characters are currently present in the story.

While 7.4.1 debuts four companions, rest assured that more are on the way! Our goal is to release 1-2 Date Night Missions alongside Galactic Seasons with the intention of having a polished and unique scene for every companion. 

We are thrilled to bring this content to our players and we look forward to sharing more over time! 


Date Night Mission FAQ

At what point in the story will these Alliance Alerts become available to me?

  • The Date Night Companion Missions will be available if the following conditions have been met:
    • The player has officially unlocked a romance with that character
    • The companion is currently available in the story
    • How often can I replay Date Night missions?
    • These are weekly repeatable missions!

Will I get an Alliance Alert if I use items that automatically complete story missions? 

  • Using items that automatically complete story content will not unlock Date Night Missions, as the default choices that are made do not focus on character romances. 

When will I see a Date Night created for my favorite companion?

  • We want to strike a balance in the order that we release class story companions, so hopefully your favorite companion is in the next batch we intend to release!

Can I lose access to my companion’s Date Night mission?

  • If your companion is unavailable in the story, that companion’s Date Night Mission will not be available. 

Are there any rewards for playing Date Night missions?

  • Yes! After a number of playthroughs of the missions, players will be granted a unique title and decoration that embodies their special dates. 

Will playing Date Night affect my character’s story progression or relationship status?  

  • Though it will not affect your relationship status, Date Night Missions will always be available while the romance with the companion is active.