Best View in SWTOR Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Best View in SWTOR contest! Out of thousands of entries that were submitted for the Best View in SWTOR contest, ten incredible winners were selected by the development team.

Hutta Winner: [Meifanus/Tulak Hord]

Korriban Winner: [Tessthemess/Star Forge]

Makeb Winner: [Evabor/Star Forge]

Mek-Sha Winner: [Critic/The Leviathan]

Ord Mantell Winner: [Aeryn-solaris/The Leviathan]

Ossus Winner: [Urthenom/Tulak Hord]

Tatooine Winner: [Âvaya/Star Forge]

Tython Winner: [Mietra/Satele Shan]

Yavin IV Winner: [Ohrora/Star Forge]

Zakuul Winner:  [Rurokar/Darth Malgus]

Beginning with the 10-year Anniversary event later in December, each screenshot will be implemented into the game as framed decorations that can be purchased for your Strongholds. Around the same time, the lucky winners shall receive special gilded versions of their winning screenshot via in-game mail. 

(Gilded version awarded to winners of the contest.)

Fun facts about the contest!

  • Korriban had the most entries.
  • The Tatooine Balloon made an appearance in over 10% of the submissions for Tatooine.
  • Valley of the Dark Lords statues made an appearance in over 50% of the submissions for Korriban.
  • The exterior of the Jedi Temple made an appearance in over 30% of the submissions for Tython.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all for sharing your favorite views of SWTOR!