Mission Abstract: Investigate link between Darth Malgus and the planet Elom 

ATTENTION: Task Force Nova Command
SUBJECT: A recent discovery could provide information on Darth Malgus and his plans


Travel to the planet Elom and examine a connection between ancient Sith ruins and a relic stolen from the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Due to the historical nature of the discovery, my archaeological experience, and my work on Ossus, I was chosen to assemble a team and lead the investigation.


I’ve always said, to prepare for the future, we must look to the past. Little did I suspect how portentous this guiding principle would turn out to be.

As reported to Task Force Nova in recent months, Darth Malgus has emerged from hiding and stolen a curious selection of tomes, artifacts, and ancient documents from multiple sources. His recent theft from the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine was a relic so obscure that it was nearly forgotten by history and indeed, unremarked upon in our own records. What he took and the role it plays in his plans remains a mystery. Only through the diligence of Master Vinyor Tesh and Jedi Arn Peralun do we have a lead at all. They learned the relic belonged to a Sith known as “Darth Nul.” 

Intrigued, we attempted to delve deeper into this mysterious figure and found little else in our review of the records. The absence of corroborating accounts of their life and works suggests a campaign of secrecy and manipulation of documents. Undeterred, we continued our search for more information on the missing relic.

We looked at the space the relic occupied within the storage archives (a common procedure in field work for estimating historical context) and made an additional discovery. By analyzing the dust and debris that remained we found an exact match to soil samples collected centuries ago on a routine scouting mission to the planet Elom in the Sertar Sector.

There can be no mistake; these humble fistfuls of dirt are a beacon to help us find where this “Darth Nul” spent time and where Malgus hopes to find the answers he seeks. Something lies buried in the cold soil of Elom that someone wanted the galaxy to forget. What can it be and what does Malgus hope to gain from learning its secrets? I won’t guess--I would know. Our exploration of Elom should begin at once. 


It is not a welcoming place. The planet resides within the Sith Empire and old scouting reports have indicated extensive architectural remains of previous occupation. If developed, Elom could prove to be a fair mining resource and a modest hub for additional travel within the Outer Rim. For now, it remains galactically insignificant. 

Much of the surface is covered in a sea of frozen, hard-packed sand and dark stone overshadowed by mountains spotted with tenacious patches of crimson-colored grass. Even the scattered indigenous people have traditionally avoided contact with outsiders and have not been particularly welcoming to those who do arrive. Fortunately, the area of our investigation is far from any significant population center and with luck, our work should remain entirely unknown to the local population. 

Scouting droids have returned images of a long spine of rough, blunted mountains across much of the region where our investigation is centered. I’ve named this vast range the Charred Divide in reference to the arresting combination of black rock and red streaks of flora stretching down to the plains. 


The soil sample used in our testing comes from an area that is both remote and unremarkable in valuable natural resources. Despite these natural hardships, we will undoubtedly find remains of Sith occupation. The exact purpose of our site is unknown, but I will infer by the choice of location that privacy and isolation was a primary goal; perhaps a place of contemplation or the study of something more insidious, away from prying eyes? We shall find out.

Should a permanent research team be needed after our initial inspection, they would need to bring sufficient supplies and create a self-sustaining base due to a lack of convenient resources. With the added challenges of the planet’s location in Sith territory, only the most skilled survivalists, or those with generous backing, would find success here without regular off-world support.

Any field personnel should be aware of at least one local predator: the ranphyx, a large feline hunter, covered in thick fur and particularly well-suited to the cold, wind-swept plains at the foot of the mountains. I advise a sufficient combination of defensive measures and, as a last resort, weaponry to ensure camp security and safety. 

Note: additional information is needed before a more complete list of natural hazards present on Elom can be catalogued.


The above cautions, combined with centuries of Sith occupation, have no doubt left many unknown dangers in place to punish the unwary. To ensure our best chances of securing the data we need, the forward team will include only those with the right combination of experience and skills. My padawan, Sa’har Kateen, is well-trained to assist me in overseeing the mission.  The following are my key personnel who will submit their own staff recommendations as needed:

  • Master Gan Enok - Site Security
  • Dr. Mykon Ora - Materials Analysis
  • Rolan Aun - Chief Engineer
  • Specialist Tiriz Etto - Artifact Extraction/Transport

Find the secure holocom channel and datapad tracking enclosed for progress updates. 

May the Force be with you.

--Denolm Orr, Jedi Master