Cartel Market Newest Additions: Available Now!

Get your hands on some Cartel Coins and check out new items live in the Cartel Market this week!

Cyber Agent's Armor Set

Available Now!

(Comes with two different Chest pieces and Helmet changes when entering combat. Blaster Pistols not included.)

Exiled Padawan's Armor Set

Available Now!

(Lightsabers not included.)

Pragmatic Master's Armor Set

Available Now!

(Lightsaber not included.)

Wild Smuggler's Armor Set

Available Now!

(Blaster Rifle not included.)

Covert Stalker Mount

Available Now!

(Comes with unique flourish and certain parts change based on equipped Color Crystal.)

GL-13 Blaster Pistol

Available Now!
Vaylin's Lightsaber

Available Now!
Juvenile Zakkeg

Available Now!

(Cuteness included!)