Game Update 6.1.1 is Live!

With Game Update 6.1.1, we’ve changed some aspects of Personal Conquests. Our goal is to make Personal Conquests relevant to any character, and not just an end-game activity for players at max level. Along the Conquest changes, all Planetary Bonus Missions have now been converted into Daily and Weekly Missions! We revisited these areas to make existing non-Class Mission content more accessible for players to experience.

Personal Conquests

One of the main changes we’ve implemented to make Personal Conquests more accessible to all characters--not just those ready for end-game content. We’ve accomplished this by separating Conquest objectives into three level ranges:

  • Levels 10 – 49
  • Levels 50 – 70
  • Levels 71+

As part of creating different level ranges, we want to ensure the rewards players earn from a Personal Conquest are immediately impactful by making the rewards granted to players based on level ranges above.

To make progress toward your Conquest goals a bit easier, we’ve introduced a system enabling you to move from the Personal Conquest window right to the objective. For example, if a Conquest objective requires you to complete a specific mission, you'll be able to receive the quest and travel to its location, directly from the Personal Conquest window!

The new system can take you directly to required Flashpoints or Operations, open up the crafting window for crafting-related objectives, or grant you quests needed to complete objectives. Players can jump right into the action and begin to complete an objective.

Game Update 6.1.1 is now live! Go check out the new Conquest changes or return to planets like, Tatooine or Hoth, to complete Missions that may have gone overlooked.