Cartel Market Newest Additions: Available Now!

Get your hands on some Cartel Coins and check out new items live in the Cartel Market this week!

Obsidian Squad Bundle

Available Now!

(Holoshield Trooper Armor Set's special effect activates when entering combat stance. Armor Set can also be bought directly outside the bundle.)

(Obsidian Squad Recon Walker Mount has a firing effect flourish.)

DA-AC1 Assault Cannon

Available Now!

Intelligence Agent's Armor Set

Available Now!

Holoshield Weapon Tuning

Available Now!

(As displayed on a Lightsaber and Dualsaber)

(As displayed on an Assault Cannon and Sniper Rifle)

(As displayed on a Blaster Rifle and Blaster Pistol)

Armory & Medbay Decoration Bundles

Available Now!

Emperor's Hand Light/Dark Gray & Squad Officer's Brown/Gray Dye Modules

Available Now!

(Default color, Emperor's Hand, then Squad Officer's Dye as shown on the Imperial Bastion's and Keeper of Iokath's Armor sets)

Flair: Obsidian Squad

Available Now!