Dantooine Tactical Report


Republic control of Dantooine has long been a thorn in Empire’s side, but the latest reports from the Raioballo sector indicate we may yet dislodge it without placing undue strain on our resources. Such opportunities arise so rarely that I have demanded this assessment be expedited to senior intelligence officials for immediate consideration.

In recent years, my unit observed with increasing alarm as the Republic incrementally reinforced its military presence on Dantooine and began industrializing farms throughout the pastoral world. The planet is, of course, positioned at the edge of Imperial space, making it a perfect staging point for forays into our territory. Further, it has become a critical link in the Republic supply chain, storing both munitions and vast quantities of food supplies en route to the front and serving as a resupply station for Republic ships.

The governing body on Dantooine actively supports Republic military activity in their territories. In return, they receive generous farming subsidies and full salvage rights to the ruined Jedi Enclave and outlying areas, which has proven lucrative. My direct superiors refuse to allocate field agents to the planet, deriding it as a backwater, and thus we have not even begun to infiltrate the government apparatus to represent our interests there.

I have made several prior requests for action against the growing threat on Dantooine (see TACTICAL REPORT ASSESSMENTS DNT-1944.332, 1522.423c, 0631.649), but they have been denied due to the resources deemed necessary for such efforts. However, new developments in the region may mean a large contingent will not be required to disrupt Republic activity—and perhaps open the door to forcing them to abandon Dantooine altogether. This cannot be ignored!

A group of pirates known as the Nova Blades have been regrouping near the Raioballo sector (see TACTICAL REPORT RSI-1003.106a for background). They are already positioned behind the Republic’s lines, making it far easier for them to approach Dantooine than for our own forces. Though our scouts report the pirates are still somewhat disorganized, they have amassed an impressive arsenal in a short time and are hungry for additional firepower. It would be a simple thing to convince them what a ripe target Dantooine represents.

While they do not have the ability to decimate the planet unaided, the pirates are more than capable of diverting Republic attention when they can scarce afford it. If we supplement the pirate efforts with intelligence and even a few covert operatives, the Republic will be caught off guard and forced to respond. Resources on both sides of this conflict are spread thin. Let’s spread them a bit further for our enemies.

My recommendation is as follows: allow us to establish additional contact with the pirates and assist from the shadows in an attack on the planet. We are poised to convey detailed information about the planet’s defenses and other intelligence of value to the Nova Blades to ensure their success. I further request a small strike force. The chaos caused by the assault will undoubtedly provide cover for surgical strikes on key infrastructure.

If I may be so bold, I also wish to suggest Colonel Trazen as a prime candidate to spearhead this endeavor. She has proven herself a strong advocate for the strategic importance of a destabilized Dantooine, and I can think of no one more fit to oversee it.

I urge immediate action on this matter. The war escalates by the day, and we must take advantage of every opportunity—especially one that promises such substantial rewards for so little risk.

I, Assessor 34372, hereby affirm the accuracy of the statements represented in this assessment.