Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint Now Live!

Don’t miss out on the epic finale to the “Forged Alliances” storyline with the release of the new Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint, now live!

  • Discover the mysteries of the historic planet of Rakata Prime, a tropical world largely covered in oceans, home to the Rakata species and also referred to as the “Unknown World.”
  • Join SIS agent Theron Shan and Sith Lord Lana Beniko to lead an assault past Rakata savages to the Temple of the Ancients and uncover the truth behind the powerful Star Forge, constructed to draw energy from a nearby star to create a massive army of ships, droids and other war material.
  • Continue your adventure with Jakarro, the brazen, quick-tempered and completely fearless Wookiee smuggler, and his translator, the C2-D4 Droid by your side.

Play free now:

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