Knights of the Fallen Empire – Disavowed Teaser

Join forces with Major Jorgan and the elite solders of Havoc Squad to destroy the Eternal Empire in Disavowed, the next chapter coming in the episodic story of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ - Knights of the Fallen Empire!

In Chapter 11: Disavowed, Jorgan joins your Alliance in a deadly mission deep behind enemy lines. It’s up to you as the Outlander to determine how far to allow Jorgan and his soldiers to go in the war against the Eternal Empire.

Knights of the Fallen Empire, including Disavowed, is free to all Subscribers and new players can jump right into the story with a new Level 60 character. Plus, Subscribers are rewarded every month with unique gear, weapons, and more inspired by the legendary HK-55 Assassin Droid!

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